Welcome to the world of Naleians!

Hello! My name is Dominik and together with Jack, Nico, and Marc we are organizing Naleia sailing trips.
We are dedicated skippers who love to discover the world from a perspective of a sailboat. We enjoy meeting new people, are addicted to sharing adventures and people say we are good hosts. Handcrafting experiences and building a sailing community is our work and we love it.
Feel invited to join us on our next sailing trip!

Features Of Naleia Sailing Trips

Flexible Itinerary

The sailing route and daily plan is flexible and is decided day by day on the basis of the weather forecast and crew`s preferences: sailing is normally blended with snorkelling, sunbathing, exploring islands, caves, and going out for dinner in small coastal villages…

Sustainable Travel

We do our best to be more sustainable by: blending in the cultures that host us, sailing instead of motoring, limiting plastics use on board, encouraging conscious food choices, collecting plastic garbage on remote beaches, and measuring water quality in places we anchor.

Not a Party Sailing Trip

If you want to drink till you sink and dance half naked on the deck at mid-day, please find another sailing trip. We love however, to have some wine, play music or take out guitars in the evening and sing the night away! It is all about the attitude.

Selectan Algorithm

Usually there is more than one yacht on our trips. Therefore, we ask a bunch of easy questions about your expectations, experience and customs. Based on your answers we divide people into the best-fit crews.

From Strangers to Friends

Naleias’ trips are handcrafted for open-hearted people from all over the world. The usual participant falls into 25-45 age group but it is the mental age that counts! We usually host 5 nationalities on a 9 people yacht and 2 to 5 yachts in a flotilla.

Participate and Co-Create

Our sailing trips require you to be a part of the team. You will help sail the yacht, cook, provision the fridge and mix drinks if needed 😉 This helps to build the team, gives frame for the adventure and allows you to co-create the experience you wish to have.

Off The Beaten Charts

We prefer less frequented locations to have more genuine experience. Our trips are scheduled outside mass tourism invasions and where possible we choose less known ports and marinas to moor at. Naturally we visit the gems of the region too!

Fair Payment

We pay the skippers a fair wage for their work. In the end, they work 24/7 for 7 days on Naleia sailing trips and are responsible not only for your safety but also for creating a nice experience.

Ambassadors of Culture

By travelling we encounter new cultures. With respect we try to blend in and “while in Rome” we do as the locals do. At the same time we remember that we are an example of “our” culture and we do our best to leave a good impression.

Adventure in the nature

We believe that re-connecting to the nature is an experience that brings the best in us, therefore on every sailing trip we choose a few especially stunning natural locations to explore. You can count on most remote bays, sunset hikes, star gazing at night, glowing plankton…

Always Included


A comfy bed on a fully equipped 12-16m sailing yacht, tender, end cleaning, tourist taxes, bed linen, towels, etc… If you join solo you share a same-sex cabin.
Blurb Skipper


Pro Skipper who is in charge of sailing. S/he is a part of your crew, facilitates the trip and shows you the best secret spots.


Basic Learn To Sail

Learn To Sail

Basic Learn-To-Sail course. The course covers RYA Competent Crew course curriculum. It`s mostly hands on, fun and only for those want to participate!


Damage waiver (no deposit needed) and a travel insurance covering sailing incidents. Be yourself and enjoy sailing holidays. We got you covered!

Naleia Sailing Trips

So, what is it again?

We organize sailing trips for anyone with an open heart and a will to enjoy life. It is a week of sailing and living on a yacht, learning how to sail, exploring uninhabited bays, walking through historic towns, eating well in local restaurants, snorkeling, and watching sunsets. As we love nature 2 or 3 nights we drop anchor and stay on a remote island, somewhere in the middle of a paradise…

People who join these flotilla holidays mostly don`t know each other but after a couple of days of experiencing Naleia spirit become a crew, build friendships and sometimes even relationships! Often bonds become so strong that after-sailing-reunion is a common thing. Warning! This holiday may change the way you perceive people, world and yourself. For better.

 Feel Invited!

How to join?

Start by picking your sailing trip!


Also known as Naleians Manifesto…

Flying Elephants with Naleia Yachting

We like to feel the joy of living. We love to encounter new experiences and new horizons everyday. We believe that happiness is most true when shared. If you miss that feeling, ….

Read more about Naleian philosophy

What people say about us

Naleia is awesome for everyone who enjoys traveling and a little adventure. I've been on the first trip to Croatia and it is great to see how far Naleia has come since. There is a variety of routes, I like the idea of social deposit scheme and it always attracts nice lovely people to share the trip with. Skippers are top notch and you will be able to balance learning how to sail with a few relaxing days at the sea with all it's joys. I'm now on the way to Thailand trip and can't wait to start
09:42 10 Feb 19
I usually fly solo when traveling, and it never occurred to me to sign up for a package tour. But I took a gamble here and Naleia exceeded my expectations. They have somehow figured out how to get adults to buy into a sincere spirit of group adventure and camaraderie without it ever feeling forced. And obviously, the locations are beautiful, the other people are engaging, the sailing is fun (you'll grow in confidence throughout the week), and it's clear that the Dominick and his team really care about the experience they are creating. You can easily do this trip alone, with friends, or with your significant other. I'm sure I'll sail with them again.read more
Holly Masek
Holly Masek
14:15 03 Oct 18
Stop thinking about sailing with Naleia... and just book it. You’ll love it! Your fellow crew members are a wonderful bunch – and we had the most laid-back skipper ever to roam the Med. The scenery is amazing and varied: you’ll moor-up in a port one night amongst super-yachts then drop anchor the following night in a nearly-deserted bay. You’ll learn so much if you’ve never sailed before, but it’s all really relaxed. I’m so glad I took the plunge – you will be too. Maybe see you out there one day soon...read more
Suzanne Lantos
Suzanne Lantos
14:00 21 Jul 18
Dominik has an amazingly ability to make everyone feel included and have a great time while also teaching new skills. But the best part is that people grow and learn new skills for life and learn things about themselves without even knowing. I’m already booked on another trip and have made new connections with people that I know will be friends for life. Thank you all.
Gary Jenkinson
Gary Jenkinson
22:41 17 Jun 18
Well organised trip, with Dominik competently answering all questions before the trip. Skipper Nico with endless patience to teach the basics of sailing to complete Newbies - I'll be back!
17:38 17 Jun 18
Loved the sailing trip to Azores.Dominik and the crew were amazing!We had a beautiful experience whalewatching and learning the basics of sailing.I'll definitely sail with Naleia again!! 🙂
Giuseppe Enriquez
Giuseppe Enriquez
12:43 14 Jun 18
Having done the 'Same Same' tour in Thailand. It was one of the most amazing experiences we had. The snorkeling was beautifull and we saw so many fishes and coral. The group of people we were with was great and spending time with experienced skippers we learned a lot about sailing. I highly reccomend it. One tip, do bring your seasick pills if you are sensitive to that. You don't want to recover from your seasickness while the rest of us is swiming in bioluminescent glow in the dark plankton and having an amazing time.Cheers, Joao and Margaread more
joao caldeira
joao caldeira
08:54 08 May 18
I had such a great trip with Naleia! Me and my friends sailed in Thailand with them. It was wonderful. Our skippers Marc and Nico are the friendliest, most fun and professional people. Being on a boat for 10 days is a intense experience, exciting and deeply relaxing at the same time!Sailing is such a gentle way of traveling, you have to be in tune with nature. Our skippers managed to avoid most mass tourism by arriving at our destinations for the night just when everyone else was leaving. This meant that we had the most beautiful islands to ourselves. Thailand is such beautiful country and the islands we discovered were absolutely stunning. I especially loved snorkeling in Ko Ha.On top of all the wonderful experiences we learned about sailing. Hoisting the main sail, standing at the helm, doing tacks, ankering etc are all very empowering experiences!I absolutely loved the trip and am planning to go on other trips with Naleia!read more
Teresa Liska
Teresa Liska
01:50 03 Apr 18
Great sailing experience.. well not too much wind in the Seychelles in February but still an awesome trip! And Nico's a 5 star skipper 🙂
Cba Xyz
Cba Xyz
16:34 02 Mar 18
I had the best time in Croatia. If you ever had the thought to try sailing, I can thoroughly recommend Naleia! The organisation is superb, the people are warm and open and you will learn much more than just the sailing itself. Personal highlights include spotting dolphins, feeling us come together as a team, swimming in deep blue waters and enjoying local restaurants in remote locations accessible by the sea.
Steven Lynch
Steven Lynch
13:26 16 Sep 17
I just went to Croatia with Naleia and I can honestly say it was the best vacation I've ever had. It was the perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation. Dominik and Marc were fantastic skippers, and yacht life is the best life! Equally as important is the community that Naleia cultivates, we traveled with a great group of diverse people who were interesting, easygoing, and fun to spend time with. I will definitely be sailing with the Naleia crew again soon.
Elizabeth Moody
Elizabeth Moody
15:28 22 Aug 17
I joined the Croatia Sunset Route with Naleia having never sailed in my life before and finished as a competent crew member of a fun and international team of new friends. I’d thought about joining a party cruise and seeing some beautiful scenery along the way but the connection with nature and the flexibility of being on two small yachts was so much better as we were able to visit tiny local villages and go swimming and snorkelling in bays that would have been inaccessible otherwise.Learning to sail – great! Making new international friends – great! Flexible personalised routes - great! Professional organisation – great!Beautiful Croatian scenery – great!read more
Bryn French
Bryn French
16:43 19 Aug 17
I went on a trip to Croatia having never sailed before and couldn't have had a more positive experience. The skippers were friendly and happy to teach, the boat quickly became a team and a lot of thought was put into the program of the day! Highly recommended for anyone looking for an adventure on the high seas with a great bunch of people.
Christopher Mills
Christopher Mills
18:16 17 Aug 17
I went on a week trip in Greece, and would definitely recommend sailing with Naleia! Great organization, very kind, fun and interesting people, and amazing places. Personally, it was quite a different travel experience, which I welcomed since that was what I was looking for. Also, you don't need previous sailing experience. Learning is really fun! It was great, I'm looking forward to doing it again!
Maria Bertogli
Maria Bertogli
11:33 07 Jul 17

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