Many people ask us about joining our sailing trip, sailing holidays or flotillas. They ask all sort of questions. But no one has ever asked why should they not go on a sailing trip. It seems like a reasonable question, does it not? Just in case we prepared an easy to follow list which will give you the best overview and answer this question thoroughly. Here it is!

Some people like to think joining a sailing trip is enjoyable.

People having fun on a sailing trip. Splashing water, running around, sailing yachts in the background.

But the sad truth is, it`s not.

Two sailing yachts anchored in a bay

A sailing trip should be avoided at all costs.

A flotilla is the best way to enjoy a sailing trip.

There’s absolutely nothing particularly breathtaking to see.

Blue cave with water illuminated from the bottom.

No interesting landscapes.

People having fun on sailing holidays. Splashing water, running around, sailing yachts in the background.

No remarkable animals.

People having fun on sailing holidays. Splashing water, running around, sailing yachts in the background.

No fascinating nature.

People having fun on sailing holidays. Splashing water, running around, sailing yachts in the background.

Not to mention, every part of the day sucks. Morning has nothing to offer.

Morning cup of coffee on a sailing trip

Afternoon is highly forgettable.

Afternoon sailing session on a sailing trip.

Lunch is gloomy and depressing.

Lunch on a sailing trip.

Not to mention boring as heck.

Sunsets are just the ugliest part of the day.

Sunsets are the worst on a sailing trip.

The people who join sailing trips show no warm feelings whatsoever.

People hugging on a sailing trip.

It’s as if they are afraid of one another.

Relax on board of a sailboat.

Consequently, they display close to no emotions.

A sailing crew happy and laughing on shore

There`s no competitive spirit during the regattas.

The winning crew of sailing regattas.

Nor a will to enjoy the summer!

People swimming around sailboats.

The local people show no interest in preserving their heritage.

Two deep sea divers in their storage room. Lots of old fishing equipment visible.

Which is why the cities aren’t all that great.

Aerial view of Hvar, Croatia. Many islands in the back. Port in front.

Very mediocre, if you look closely.

Sailing trip in Greece offers such a mediocre views!

How utterly revolting!

Sailing trip in Italy, Sardinia & Corsica can be utterly revolting!

And the architecture: bland and unremarkable.

Bland and unremarkable architecture in Italy, Amalfi Coast. Best visited on a sailing trip.

Everything’s so modern and fancy.

Modern and fancy architecture on a sailing trip to Cyclades.

Saddening landscape, really.

Saddening landscape on a sailing trip.

Major drawback? Pitiful beaches.

Pitiful beaches on a sailing trip.

On top of all that, the food is horrible.

Horrible food served on a sailing trip.

Served in all sorts of ungodly places.

What an ungodly location for serving food?!

It is pretty sad to see.

It`s pretty sad to see.

And it feels like everyone`s just on Twitter…

On a sailing trip everyone is just on Twitter...

…or on Facebook…

people love to use Facebook one the yacht all the time....

…or answering `important` emails.

Answering important emails on a sailing trip.

All in all, the whole sailing trip screams “mediocre”.

Sailing trip is really mediocre travel experience

Seriously, why would anyone even bother going on a sailing trip?

Why joining sailing trip?

I hope that we made you understand that joining any sailing trip is a complete waste of your time. Please share this post on every social media channel you use to prevent your friends from making such a devastating mistake!

And make sure, to never ever check the destinations where we organize sailing trips ;). Please, just don`t.

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