About Croatia

If your Mediterranean fantasies feature palmy days by sapphire waters in the shade of ancient walled towns, Croatia is the place to turn them into reality.

Sailing Region: Central and South Adriatic Sea

You wake up lazily, still rocking gently in the boat that lulled you to sleep so nicely. Yesterday evening you arrived in this empty bay and dropped anchor. Someone made great food, you took out the drinks from the fridge and spent the night on the deck of your yacht, talking, swimming, dancing, gazing at the stars…

`Last night was amazing` you think while stepping out onto the deck, just to realize that here&now is incredible too! You dive into the refreshing azure water while someone plays a guitar on the other yacht. During a full and tasty breakfast you admire pine forests, palms, the stone shore, feel the gentle breeze on your cheeks and realize: `I am in the middle of paradise!`

Soon after your skipper tells you the plan for the day for the whole flotilla: sail out soon, do a little sailing practice and have lunch in another uninhabited bay. Tonight we stop at a city: Hvar, Korcula, Stari Grad… all reminiscent of those medieval tales where sailors and merchants traded and rested in cool shade of stone walls during the afternoon sun. `Today I will have a barbecued fish again!` you think to yourself. `I cannot figure out the seasoning – it is simply mouth watering! But I heard that the meat is delicious too! Maybe I should change today?…`

You are drawn away from daydreaming by that funny girl who just pushed you out of the yacht. Again. `I will wait and get her back later. And maybe ask her out for a drink together.`…. in the meantime you enjoy your swim…

Interesting Facts:

  • The necktie was invented in Croatia
  • Dalmatinos (the dogs) come from Croatia
  • There are 1246 islands along the Croatian coast
  • Many of the locations in `Game of Thrones` series were shot in Croatia. The most famous being Dubrovnik as `King`s Landing`.
  • 10% of the Croatian territory is covered by nature parks, national parks and nature reserves.
  • World`s smallest city is in Croatia. Hum is inhabited by only 17 people.
  • There are roughly 2715 hours of sunshine per year. That amounts to around 7.5h of sunshine per day! That is more than Sydney, Australia.
  • The genius inventor Nikola Tesla was Croatian.
  • The World`s biggest truffles come from Croatia.
  • Marco Polo, the famous explorer, was born on the Croatian island of Korcula.
  • Croatia´s population is only around 4.000.000 people.
  • Words without vowels are everywhere in Croatian language. Try pronouncing: Krk, trn, vrt, prst, strm…
  • Croatian inventor Slavoljub Penkala invented the ball-point pen in 1906 and the first solid-ink fountain pen in 1907. Remember, Penkala!
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