The pristine, clear waters surrounding the Maltese Islands do not only offer a safe haven for seafarers but also an opportunity to explore the unknown splendours below. The shores themselves await your presence and their rugged features deceive what lies in store. We have compiled a list of attractions we believe are essential when visiting Malta, Gozo and Comino. Use it for your convenience before or after our sailing trip to Malta!

The Ancient Capital of Malta – Mdina

Better known as The Silent City, Mdina is a fortified bastion located in the West of Malta. Like many other strategic buildings across the 3 islands, the Knights of St John weaved their magic in Mdina to make this one of the most visited places in Malta. Cars are not allowed to enter Mdina so you will have to rely on your legs to enjoy the sights, narrow cobbled streets, eerie silence and the glorious Cathedral of St Paul. Groups of up to 30 may join a tour guide for a 2 hour stroll for just €12 each person – Mdina City Walking Tour

Once here you cannot forget to stop by the famous and very popular Fontanella Tea Garden for a scrumptious piece of cake and coffee. The views from this location are to die for!

Blue Grotto, Zurrieq, Malta

The fishing village of Zurrieq is nestled on the Southern tip of Malta and offer seafarers a unique sight which will enchant your senses. The Blue Grotto is found in the village of Zurrieq and is accessible only by boat in calm/moderate sea. The trip is very short as within less than 5 minutes you are escorted into a grotto which dazzles you with mesmerizing colours due to the underlying flora and the sun’s reflection.

Prices fluctuate depending on the season but you should not be expected to fork out more than €15 on the boat trip which usually lasts up to 20 minutes. The easiest way to reach The Blue Grotto is by public transport or by car rental. Here are the some alternatives for arriving to Blue Grotto.

Horse Riding in Golden Bay, Malta

Whether you are an experienced horse rider or not, Golden Bay Horse Riding, will make your experience a bright one. They organize hourly rides through the Northern part of Malta, which is renowned for its sandy beaches and natural beauty. You will be galloping alongside cliffs to admire the sheer beauty of land and sea.

Fee is just €20 per person for 1 hour at Golden Bay Horse Riding. 

Location of Golden Bay Horse Riding. Photo Credits: Golden Bay Horse Riding.

Diving in Gozo

Gozo is Malta’s sister island situated in the North and offers a myriad of diving schools to either enhance or initiate your diving experience. There are plenty of wrecks, underwater caves and reefs to sink your teeth in and your diving instructor is there to guide you in a safe and enjoyable adventure amongst the fish and fauna.

Boat dives at Diving-Gozo school start from €25 each person but a group dive will definitely avail you of a discount so make sure you are at least 5.

In any ways your sailing trip to Malta, Gozo and Comino should deliver plenty of experiences and sights to visit. However, if you would like to expand your sailing trip with some more of unique experiences satelliting around, you have a few recommendations already.

See you on the yacht!


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