aka. what are you paying for?


A comfy bed on a fully equipped 12-16m sailing yacht, tender, end cleaning, tourist taxes, bed linen, towels, etc… If you join solo you share a same-sex cabin.

Blurb Skipper


Pro Skipper who is in charge of sailing. S/he is a part of your crew, facilitates the trip and shows you the best secret spots.

Basic Learn To Sail

Learn To Sail

Basic Learn-To-Sail course for anyone who wishes to learn. The course covers RYA Competent Crew course curriculum. It`s mostly hands on!


Damage waiver (no deposit needed) and a travel insurance covering sailing incidents. Be yourself and enjoy. We got you covered!

We believe that life on a yacht is an experience that will stay in your memory for long. We take care about most important things for you, so that you can experience sailing, community of Naleians and the beauty of the nature around you. Therefore, we take care about bureaucracy related to chartering yachts, researching the area where we sail and pre-organizing some evening events.

This means that your skipper will take you to the best lagoons, calm and secluded bays, great restaurants and some original beach bars. Naturally we leave a room for spontaneous decisions, jamming improvisations and simply being around. Our mission is to make you detach from your life back home and immerse deeply into most exciting way to spend holidays: sailing!

In addition to all the Naleians that you possibly befriend, incredible places, sailing skills and all unforgettable experiences we include:


  • Comfy bed on a sailing yacht
  • Skipper taking care of sailing
  • Basic sailing training course (RYA Competent Crew equivalent)
  • End cleaning of the yacht
  • Climate taxes
  • Trustful social deposit
  • Travel insurance covering sailing incidents


  • Dinghy, outboard engine with gasoline,
  • GPS & nautical charts
  • Sheets and blankets
  • Stereo & outside cockpit speakers


While chartering a yacht it is normal to put down a certain amount of money as a deposit for the yacht. The deposit covers any damage that is caused during the cruise and is a security for the chartering company. For each yacht, every crew should put down 1500-3000 EUR of a deposit. Any damage, higher than value of the deposit, is covered from the yacht`s insurance (reduced by the deposit value).

This is how it is normally done, but I thought it might be somewhat troublesome for you. So I came up with the Trustful Social Deposit

Not only we do not take any deposit from you, but also I use the strength of Naleian community to protect single individuals. How?

  • A small amount from your booking fee is taken for the Trustful Social Deposit.
  • The same is done from everyone who joins any Naleia Yachting trip.
  • The amount that builds up is used as a sort of insurance.

When is it applied?
If anything happens whereby the obvious fault lies neither with you, nor on the malfunctioning yacht equipment (chartering company fault) the Trustful Social Deposit covers the damage. In this way Naleia minimizes the financial impact that any unforeseen accident might have on any Naleian.

Naturally, the Trustful Social Deposit, does not release you from the responsibility for any intentional damage (this is the trustful part :)).


The best example is a torn sail. When this happens, the chartering company claims (usually) that the crew sailed the yacht in the stormy conditions. You claim that the sail was not properly maintained. It is practically impossible to win this case. Therefore, the Trustful Social Deposit covers such matters for you.

Additional Costs

On top of the booking fee, each destinations have additional costs in form of: marina fees, diesel for the yacht, groceries, etc…
We estimated weekly additional costs for each destination, to ease your preparation for the trip.