Arriving at Lefkas Marina From Corfu, Athens or Preveza Airports

Perveza National Airport (PVK) is the closest one to the marina in Lefkas. It will take minimum of 30 minutes to arrive at the marina. It is also possible to land in Athens or Corfu and arrive by public communication to Lefkas! Upon arrival you will recognize our yachts by the Naleia Yachting flags.

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Airport Transfer by Naleia Yachting

We can organize a shuttle transfer for you to pick you up from anywhere and deliver to anywhere. Both upon arrival and departure. Please contact us for more details!

From Preveza Airport To Lefkas

It is very easy to arrive to marina Lefkas from Preveza Airport.

1. By Bus (2.2€ /pp)

  • Take the bus from the Airport to the Lefkas Town. These depart on weekdays and Saturdays at: 07:00, 10:00, 12:40, 15:00, 17:00, 20:10.
  • Walk 3min from the bust stop in Lefkas to the Marina. The bus stops almost at the marina.

2. By Taxi (30-40€ per taxi).

  • Taxis are standing in front of the terminal. You can take it yourself or organize with other participants of our sailing holidays as we will send an email to your crew before arrival!

From Athens To Lefkas

If you decide to land in Athens it is possible to arrive to Lefkas! There is a public bus operated by the company KTEL. You can check the prices here (36.80€) and the timetable here. Apparently, the possibility to book these tickets opens only 3 months before the travel date.

Location and Address of Marina Lefkas:

Marina Lefkas, Lefkada
East Shore, Lefkada 311 00, Greece
Tel.: +30 26450 26645,

Coordinate 38° 49 08“ N, 20° 43′ 08“  E

Marina Lefkas

From Corfu to Lefkas

This is quite a frequented public communication route. Many people are taking it every season so keep cool, tune into Greek lifestyle, forget efficiency and prepare the logistics of your travel by following this little guide.

The arrival from Corfu to Lefkas or from Lefkas to Corfu can be divided in 4 stages:

  • Corfu Airport to Corfu Port
    • By Public Bus, Line No. 15, cost: a couple of €. Ask at the airport for the directions to the public bus station. The bus leaves almost hourly, duration: 30 minutes. Check the Corfu Bus No15 timetable here
  • Corfu Port to Igoumenitsa Port
  • Igoumenitsa Port to Lefkas Bus Station
    • By public bus, line Lefkada – Igoumenitsa, cost: 13€. Leaves very rarely (1x per day in the summer season, so plan carefully!), duration: 2h30 minutes. Check the Lefkada-Igoumenitsa bus schedule here. As per 17.05.2017, the times were:
      • Lefkada -> Igoumenitsa: Monday to Sunday 13.45
      • Igoumenitsa -> Lefkada: Monday to Friday 11.30;  Saturday & Sunday 16.15
      • Note: carefully read all, also the red letters as the Greek page is not very clear!
    • ALTERNATIVE: we can organize a private shuttle transfer on the route Igoumenitrsa – Lefkas for around 35-50€ per person depending on the amount of people sharing the ride. Private taxi ride is around 160€ for a 4 people. Ahhhh, Greece…
  • Lefkas Bus Station to Lefkas Marina
    • By foot, cost: 0€. The easiest part! Just look around and you will see the sailboats already! Go there and look for Naleia flags!

Our The Odyssey sailing holidays route starts from Lefkas Marina!

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