Arriving at Portorosa Marina

Palermo (PMO) Airport is the closest one to Portorosa marina. It will take about 2.5-3.5 hours to get from the airport to the marina. It might sound a lot, but the train ride is along the coastline so the views are great! Upon arrival you will recognize our yachts by the Naleia Yachting flags.

Airlines Flying to Palermo:

Some of Search Engines for Finding Good Flight Prices:

Transfers From Palermo Airport to Portorosa Marina:

1. TRAIN to Palermo Centrale
There is a train station just below Palermo Airport. Follow the signs in the airport to reach it. Take the train to Palermo Centrale.
TIP: It is a great city! It is worth taking two or three days off to enjoy the city before or after your cruise!

2. TRAIN to Barcellona-Castroreale

From Palermo-Centrale take the train to Novara-Montalbano-Furnari. The train ticket costs 10-18€ depending on the time of the day. Outside the station you will find a taxi rank.

3. TAXI to the marina

Take a taxi from Novara-Montalbano-Furnari to Portorosa marina. The price is variable, depending on your negotiation skills and the driver’s mood. It should cost about 15-40€ to arrive to the marina.

Note: Portorosa marina is also reachable from Catania (CTA) airport or Reggio Calabria airport. Arrival from these airports will be slightly longer than from Palermo airport, but the arrival instructions in steps 2 and 3 are the same.

Location and Address of Portorosa Marina:

Marina di Portorosa S.r.l.
Complesso Portorosa – 98054 Furnari (ME) – Italia
tel. +39 0941 874560
fax +39 0941 874560

Coordinate 38° 07′ 60″ N, 15° 06′ 72″ E.

Portorosa Marina

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