Marina, the starting point of sailing holidays in the Caribbean

Arriving at Tortola Marina

Tortola airport (EIS), also known as Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, is the closest one to the marina in Tortola. It will take minimum of 20 minutes to arrive at the marina.

Flights from USA, Canada, Europe or South America

There are no direct flights to the British Virgin Islands from USA, Canada, Europe, or South America.
All flights connect through another Caribbean airport such as: Antigua, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, St Kitts or St Maarten.
Be patient while searching for good flight connections and plan some time for a stopover change. Maybe a short visit at the stopover location is worthwhile?

Admiral`s Tip: Check the flights towards US Virgin Islands. From there, take a ferry over to the British Virgin Islands. Ferries run everyday and cost 10-30 US dollars.

Check this page for tips about flight connections from Europe.

Tip: look directly at large flight operators, the websites like may not have all the flights listed.

Passport Requirements

European citizens require a valid passport to enter the British Virgin Islands with proof of a return or onward ticket. Visitors from some countries may require a visa Рif in doubt please check with your nearest BVI Tourist Board. If you are travelling to the BVI via the United States of America you will need to be in possession of a machine-readable passport.

Arrival from Tortola Airport (EIS) to Tortola Marina

It is very easy to arrive to marina Tortola from Tortola Airport. There are numerous taxis and all sort of mini-busses going to the town. Just pick the one you like and enjoy the ride! You are in the Caribbean!

Tortola Marina, British Virgin Islands, The Caribbean

Our `Rumtastic` sailing holidays route starts from Tortola Marina in Roadtown!

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