Cabin Fever appears slowly! It’s like a lion in the savanna approaching his prey in small and sound steps. The walls in your chamber become fluid and threatening, crushing you.

Cabin fever is a clausthropobic reaction to small spaces. Sometimes also a crowded space causes irritation, restlessness or frustration. The sypmtoms are close to depression.

It is even worse when this happens to you on a boat. There is no escape. You are surrounded by water.

Try to keep in mind that you are not alone. Your crew is there to support you in every way.

Crew Party, cabin fever

Your swiss knife for avoiding cabin fever

With the following tricks and methods we tell you how to avoid cabin fever on a boat.


  • Every crew-member needs a specific task assigned. From steering to cooking. It needs to be a task, where the member can feel responsibility and joy. On our trips you and your crew will agree if you want to have a clear division of tasks or do you prefer to handle things ad hoc.
  • Before leaving the coast, it is always helpful to set a specific route and a destination to finish. A tour with something to look forward to is much more enjoyable.
  • Cooking with the team is probably the best group task. Take your time and have fun preparing your favorite  dishes for your crew. Usually you will have two gas burners to use, so think of 2 pots recipes.
  • Decorating the chambers and rooms helps you to make your temporary home more like your real home. Place some photos or arrange the cupboard with your clothes.
  • Play board games with your crew-members. Even better when some exercises are involved, like speed knoting or folding a paper boat.
  • When you are not working, take time off to write. Scribbling in a journal is relaxing. Resuming the day or writing down how you feel lets you appreciate the moments on the boat. This a great path to mindfulness.
boardgames on a boat, cabin fever


  • Meditate on the bug. Breathing the air and focusing on taking deep breaths helps immensely to reduce stress. Yoga and relaxation exercises are more fun in a group.
  • Create something! Explore the speed-knitter or origami-pro by yourself. Because of the different environment you usually feel open to new things and you might never know what talents may show up.
  • Stay active! Spending time on a boat is better than being at home. There is a variety of input and people! There is always something to do. Just dare and take the opportunities!

Cabin fever actually never happened on our trips, but it`s good to know what it does and how to deal with it. Sailing holidays are very stimulating and stimulation is the main way to prevent the cabin fever from developing.
What would you suggest to have a good time on a boat besides practicing sailing maneuvers and appreciating the view?

task for every crew member, cabin fever
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