Here is the most important information about booking and payments. If you have any questions, drop us a line at:

Before you Book:

1. Gather your friends

There is plenty of space on each yacht to take your friends along. If you wish you can all be on the same yacht but we already seen many cases where people wanted to sail on different yachts to mingle and get to know other people. In the end we reunite every evening in the same port, marina or bay!

2. Choose a destination and dates

We organize Naleia Yachting trips in various places. Year by year the program changes as we want to keep exploring new destinations and new regions within already known destinations.

If you have an idea for exploring a new region, drop us a line at:


More than 50% of people sailing with us are travelling alone. We always make sure that you are in a cabin with a person of the same sex. Our Selectan algorithm makes sure that your crew composes of the best-fit people!

How to Book:

1. Use our Booking Engine

You will be asked to provide your data needed to process your booking. If you book as a group, please ask each person to book individually and specify the names of people who s/he wants to be on the yacht or cabin with (there is a special field in the booking form for that)

2. Your booking is pending

We receive your data and check the current  setup of the boat and if there are spaces free. We want to keep a male / female ratio close to 50:50. Once we clarify that you can join this trip we change your booking status to confirmed and you get an email with the payment info. We charge 50% of the booking fee first and the 50% up to 44 days before the trip starts. We prefer good old bank transfers but if you really want you can pay with your credit card. That adds 3% to your booking price for the processing fees. In such a case send us an email.

If we realize we do not have space for you on this trip we will let you know asap and either instruct to wait for another boat to open or suggest another trip with places on it.

3. Payment & Confirmation

After receiving your payment an automatic confirmation will be sent to your email box together with your invoice. Later on you will receive more organizational information together with a suggested packing list to make preparations easier.

4. Skipper`s email

Around 2-3 weeks before the departure your skipper will email you and introduce the crew and inform about the plan and exact meeting point on the first day.


1. First Payment: 50% of the total cost must be made immediately after receiving your booking confirmation.

2. Second Payment: 50% of the total cost must be made no later than 44 days before the event start date. No worries, you will receive an automated reminder to process the payment.

Bank account details

You can either pay with credit card (3% processing fee) or send a bank transfer to (the same data will be sent to you in the confirmation email):

  • Naleia Discovery Travel, Dominik Sarapata
  • VAT-EU: ATU72635179
  • Grafenau 3, 4131 Niederkappel, Austria
  • IBAN: AT87 2033 4010 0019 2516, BIC/SWIFT: SMWRAT21XXX

A payment reference: is your booking ID number (on your invoice) and will be mailed to you, together with the booking confirmation.


To appreciate your efforts of coming together to the trips organized by us, or coming year after year we prepared a few discounts for you. Please feel free to apply these discount codes while you book.

Note: discounts do not merge and do not apply for sailing holidays shorter than one week.

Note2: below discounts apply only for the flotilla trips listed on and not the custom made trips which we organize for you on request.

Multi Trip Discount:

  • If you book two adjacent trips (so that you stay 2 consecutive weeks on board) you get 30€ discount on each trip. Your discount code is: backtoback.
Group Discounts:
  • A group of 4 people booking together get 40€ discount each. Your discount code is: fourgetmore.
  • A group of 8 people booking together get 80€ discount each. Your discount code is: eightisgreat.
Repeater Discounts:
  • if you are coming with us 2nd time, you get 2% discount. Your discount code is: repeater2
  • if you are coming with us 3rd time, you get 3% discount. Your discount code is: repeater3
  • if you are coming with us 4th time, you get 4% discount. Your discount code is: repeater4
  • if you are coming with us 5th time, you get 5% discount. Your discount code is: repeater5

How to apply your discount code?

  • Visit:
  • Choose the trip you want to book
  • Click Book Now.
  • In the lower left corner of the visible tab, click `Apply Promo or Voucher`,

  • Type in your discount code in the provided field and click `Apply`,
  • Click continue to proceed to the next page,
  • The instructions on the screen will lead you further.

    Note: If you for some reason you have troubles applying the booking code, we will apply it for you after you have booked. Just drop us a line at:


    While chartering a yacht it is normal to put down a certain amount of money as a deposit for the yacht. The deposit covers any damage that is caused during the cruise and is a security for the chartering company. For each yacht, every crew should put down 1500-3000 EUR of a deposit. Any damage, higher than value of the deposit, is covered from the yacht`s insurance (reduced by the deposit value).

    This is how it is normally done, but I thought it might be somewhat troublesome for you. So I came up with the Trustful Social Deposit

    Not only I do not take any deposit from you, but also I use the strength of Naleian community to protect single individuals. How?

    • A small amount from your booking fee is taken for the Trustful Social Deposit.
    • The same is done from everyone who joins any Naleia Yachting trip.
    • The amount that builds up is used as a sort of insurance.

    When is it applied?
    If anything happens whereby the obvious fault lies neither with you, nor on the malfunctioning yacht equipment (chartering company fault) the Trustful Social Deposit covers the damage. In this way Naleia minimizes the financial impact that any unforeseen accident might have on any Naleian.

    Naturally, the Trustful Social Deposit, does not release you from the responsibility for any intentional damage (this is the trustful part :)).


    The best example is a torn sail. When this happens, the chartering company claims (usually) that the crew sailed the yacht in the stormy conditions. You claim that the sail was not properly maintained. It is practically impossible to win this case. Therefore, the Trustful Social Deposit covers such matters for you.

    Refund & Cancellation

    First of all, cancellations are a natural situation. However, we choose not to calculate them in our business case, as this increases the base price for each and every person.

    Before you cancel, decide if any other trip is possible for you to join? We accept rescheduling your trip in many cases. These are considered case by case. Please write to us at: and explain your situation.

    Therefore, if you cancel:

    • more than 120 days before event start date, 90% of your booking fee is refunded.
    • between 120 and 60 days before event start date, 60% of your booking fee is refunded.
    • between 60 and 31 days before event start date, 30% of your booking fee is refunded.
    • less than 31 days before event start date, 0% of your booking fee is refunded.

    At any time it is possible to provide a substitute for your booking. You contact your friends and family and we contact the reserve list (if the trip is booked out). In such a case the change of booking (for the substitute name) is made free of charge.

    The only manipulation fee is the cost of bank transfer or credit card / paypal charge back.

    What happens if we cancel?

    •  If we cancel for any reason you will get a full refund of your booking fee
    • Bad weather is not a reason to cancel a sailing trip. We work with the weather and try to do our best with the weather we get. Sometimes it means staying a couple of nights in the same port and playing cards or wandering around a rainy town.
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