Dear Naleians, Followers, Friends and Naleians-To-Be,

The whole world is rotating around one topic at the moment. And the name of it is of course Covid-19, also referred to as Coronavirus. It`s quite a challenge for us all. We have adopted policy changes in the light of the virus outbreak which put you first, as always.

From now on:

  • you can request a booking change up to 15 days before the check-in date, rescheduling the new trip to any planned destination.
  • Alternatively, we offer a full refund in a form of a discount code that will be equal to the amount you already paid. It will be sent by email, valid for one year from the issuing date, for use on a future journey of your choice.
  • To request any change to your booking or request the discount code, please send us an email with your booking-id and a desired change to be made.

We continue to assess and predict the outcome of the situation in the long term. It is difficult as you can imagine but we are cautiously optimistic about going sailing this summer. Feel free to contact us with any questions or doubts you may have.

The Optimist In Me

We as people are incredibly resilient and adaptable. We are finding a way of how to deal with this crisis already. The infrastructure is working; the supply chains are delivering food to shops; the basics are there. We don`t need luxuries to survive.

Let`s take the gift of time that we all got now as a chance. It`s a chance to look inside and get to know ourselves better, a chance to start projects which were forever postponed, a chance to reach out to old friends (through virus-free digital channels naturally) and say hello.

In my opinion it is our civic responsibility to slow down the spread of the virus, mostly to allow hospitals to have enough beds for the ones who will need them. No one knows how the situation will develop in the long term, there are many scenarios possible. We will adapt and survive and see what happens next. For now the social distancing is the key.

I am curious what sort of socio-economic changes will that virus bring to the world once it is all over. What will the change be in ourselves? One day a moment will come to look backwards. We will be sitting in a cafe and people-watching and will compare the world after and before Corona outbreak. What will be our conclusions? What will have changed?

Just as an example Coronavirus achieved in two months what Greta Thunberg was fighting for almost two years now. What else could Corona change in our daily lives after it`s back to normal? Universal Basic Income because we can afford it actually? Home office as default because productivity did not drop? Neighbors caring about each other? Random youths offering help in shopping to lonely elderly people?

We will make it behind the horizon.

For now we will have to adjust our sails and storm it out.

Stay Awesome at Home!
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