Naleia Covid19 Policy Summary

During the Covid19 isolation it may feel as lonely as on the sailboat anchored in Phang Nga bay in Thailand (photo above).

However, we would like you know you are not alone and we are still thinking of you and your sailing holidays. To clarify the situation about Covid19, we have made this summary. Please feel free to ask for clarifications via email if needed. Keep your head up! We may be casting lines sooner than you think!

Scheduled trips
  • Our updated sailing schedule is available on the destinations page.
  • We plan as if all the scheduled trips would happen. All departures will confirmed up to 30 days before check-in day, or earlier, depending on the local and international travelling restrictions.
  • We adjusted itineraries for all the scheduled trips to reflect Covid19-Safe-Trip concept. In short: “less crowded places, more nature”.
Cancellations and booking changes
  • Any changes to your booking can be done up to 15 days before departure. Changes are free of charge.
  • The changes include:
    • Moving your payment to another scheduled trip.
    • Requesting a return in the form of a discount code (valid indefinitely) to be used for any future trip. 

You will find more details on cancellations and booking changes on our Covid19 Update #1 post.


New bookings
  • We accept bookings to our scheduled trips!
  • No payment is taken at the time of booking, it is just a reservation.
  • When the trip is confirmed (up to 30 days before the trip start) you will be emailed payment data and will have 3 working days to confirm your booking.


All changes on the Covid19 Naleia Policy will be updated here. 

Stay healthy and enjoy the Corona-calmness!

Naleia Yachting Team


PS. For more elaborated thoughts on our Covid-19 standpoint visit our blog.

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