Sailing is a sport that can be performed solo, but is much more fun as part of a team! Naleia brings together open hearted people from around the world, to enjoy the sailing and to enjoy beautiful moments together. The diverse range of abilities and personalities of Naleians make each and every week unique. People learn a vast amount about themselves, about their goals, own behaviour and about other cultures which the participants of our sailing holidays represent.

We identified three aspects which in our opinion definitely are happening during sailing holidays we organize:

Self-confidence booster: Self-confidence flourishes as we attempt and finally master skills and challenges set by our skipper! You can really feel when a team starts to pull together in the same direction, with everyone helping each other, it is a special feeling, which makes for a happy journey! We learn to ask for help when needed, at whatever age that may be!

Self-development: Sailing together shows us clearly some of our strengths and the areas we still need to work on, helping us developing to become stronger, more self-aware members of our communities. Feedback from your crew as well as skipper is immediately available and it all tasks are fun to practice!

Radical cultural inclusion: Being international in nature, we meet and get to understand people from different cultures, which makes it easier to form and maintain bonds across national borders. Especially during the time of right winged populism growing strong it is important to not only dream but also live the dreams of cultural equality and tolerance.

A group of people bonding on a sailboat.

Those who have sailed before with Naleia describe the impact as:

  • “Simply, life changing” – Iňigo
  • “It is an invaluable experience that you go through with your team. You become as one. As one person. Who plays the role of the head…, heart, someone hands and feet and together you have a soul all at this moment” Irina
  • “The most beautiful thing is that all people in a boat are responsible for each other, it means there is no “me”, only “we”. It makes you feel great!” Stephanie
  • “…Seems to attract people who enjoy life. Pulling in a sail together has a strange power. You get to know people, not just meet them” Arttu

This spirit of group bonding, experiencing new cultures and going beyong ones comfort zone was with me as I recently attended the ceremony of issuing Social Impact Awards (SIA) in Geneva. The SIA actually started in Vienna and have the objective of encouraging social entrepreneurship in young people, SIA fosters creating projects for the social good that endure for the long term.

Among the candidates pitching to judges to win the top prizes was “Cuisine Lab”, whose objective is to provide a welcoming space for people new to the city to meet and cook for each other, normally favourite dishes from their homeland. There was great testimony from a Tamil lady about how beneficial this was, from being lonely in a new city, to building friendships and confidence together.

It reminded me that our sailing holidays are so more than only sailing…

We also cook for each other, look after and support each other, to ensure we all have the very best time possible and enjoy the special moments that each sailing trip brings. It creates a special bond in the group we are proud to call the Naleians!”

A group of people jumping together on a rock. Croatian blue water in the background.

Do you also think that sailing holidays with Naleians can have a social impact? What other learning did you bring from your sailing trips?  Tell us about it in the comments!

Stay awesome!

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