Design Our New Flag and Win 250€!

The flags we used on Naleia Sailing Trips took a hard toll of salty water, winds, some loosely tied knots and even a hurricane 🌀 We only have one flag left 😉

So we need new flags and are going for a new design: without flag poles! We don`t want to drag the blo…y things all over the world again. We go for material-only flags and will attach the flying elephant to the topping lift. You still remember which line that was, right? 😉

Therefore, we announce a contest for a flag design! 🎨

If your design will be selected for printing you will receive a prize in the form of a 250 € value voucher (can be a gift voucher too!) for any of our sailing trips, the glory of the winner and the satisfaction of seeing your work on our flags and thus photos and videos!

Please send us your design until 20th of January, midnight, CET time!

Questions? Just ask them in the comment area or drop a line to:

Directions for preparing the graphical data:
-Printing dimensions: 80cm x 500cm
-Two sided print (please provide both sides of the design)
-Naleia colours:
○ Green: #afd135
○ Dark blue: #007891
○ Light blue: #00b0c8
-Naleia fonts:
○ Capture It
○ Daniel Black
-Naleia logo: we can provide a higher resolution, just drop us a line.
-Format: PDF, AI, EPS (max. CS 5)
-Max colours in the project: 4 (flag material colour is white but can be printed over with other colour of course)
-Graphics: logos and text converted to curves
-Minimal line width in the project: 2mm in the 1:1 scale
-Colours: Pantone, RAL or HKS
-Bitmaps in the project: min 80 dpi, in the 1:1 scale
-Margin: 0cm

I am looking forward to all your great designs!

PS. Please share this with a graphic designer you know who could be interested in participating. Thanks!

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