Croatia Fun Facts

This sunny country on the Adriatic Sea coast offers one of the best in the world conditions for sailing. Enjoy discovering the following fun facts about Croatia.

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Croatia has the smallest town in the world. The sleepy town „Hum“ inhabits only 17 people.

We all used this software in the late 90ties to appreciate our downloaded music. Tomislav Uzelac, a Croatian programmer invented AMP, the world’s first MP3 player. This was elaborated by two students in the USA to adapt it to our once beloved WinAMP.

Did you know that business people are wearing croats. Croatians invented neck-ties.

Croatia Fun Fact

My friends constantly talk about the “Game of Thrones” and are fascinated by the location, where the show is produced. The setting of `Game of Thrones` is on the coast of the Croatian cities Split and Dubrovnik.

Carbon monoxide emissions is a current issue on earth and a huge problem to tackle. Moving with wind in a sailing boat, riding e-bikes and e-cars are one of the steps to reduce air-pollution.  And there are two Croatians who helped to develop each of these areas. Marco Polo, one of the famous discoverer was one who set trails for others to follow and build sailing vessels. Similarily, Nicola Tesla pioneered electric energy use for personal mobility.

Another fun village fact! Vinkovci in eastern Croatia is told to be the oldest city in Europe. The village is populated for almost eight thousand years. I wonder how it looked like back then!

Sailing in Croatia is a never ending trip of navigating in a maze of islands. There are 1246 islands to visit and appreciate cultural and social life. Some of them are actually uninhabited and these ones we enjoy to anchor near the most!

Croatia Island

Hungry for a lot of sunbaths? Croatia offers 2715 hours of sunshine through the year. That`s 7.4 hours every day! Even in winter!

That thing you are holding in your hand, the one you use when signing contracts, is an invention of Eduard Penkala. The ball-pen has it’s origins in Croatia.

Croatia Fun Fact

The US can be very thankful for Croatia. The stones with which the famous White House is built, comes from the Island of Brac in southern Croatia.

Anything else thankful to Croatia? Please, drop us a comment below!

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