Your Sailing Holiday is Safe

Every year there are cases of travellers getting into unpleasant situations while using services of various tour and travel organizers. Therefore, in some countries agencies and associations evolved which do their best to protect the travel clients. Tourism is a regulated business also in Poland where the headquarters of Naleia Yachting is registered. Therefore Naleia since the day 0 is a partner with AXA Insurance Group, that ensures your safety and safety of your money. Continue reading to learn more about your travel guarantee.

Naleia partners with AXA Insurance Group

The law of the Republic of Poland requires me as a tour organizer to have in place travel & tour guarantees which ensure you get the service you paid for or a proper remuneration. I chose to partner with an insurance group which is large, trustworthy and has a special department designated for tourism. I choose AXA and so far our cooperation is flawless.

Travel Guarantee By AXA

From your point of view, my agreement with AXA ensures that:

  • You get your money returned in the unlikely event that the company stops trading,
  • You get your money returned if I will not deliver the holidays that you purchased,
  • You get your money returned if the potential change to date/location/duration/condition of holidays in not acceptable to you,
  • I could quote the lawful texts even more, but the bottom line is that you get your money returned in case I fail to deliver the service.
How to claim your refund?

This is quite unlikely that I will not deliver the service which I offer. It is even more unlikely that I will not remunerate you myself or will not offer an alternative if something goes not according to the plan. However, statistically, anything is possible, so if you would like to claim your refund through the official ways, do the following:

  • Contact the official beneficiary of my Travel Guarantee, who is the Governor of Lower Silesia voidship: Here is the shortcut to contact:
  • Tell the Governor office that:
    • You have used the service of Naleia Discovery Travel who is a tour organizer registered with the license number: 615/09/2015. If you need more data about Naleia you will find it in the official tour organizer registry of Poland.
    • Describe the reason for claiming the refund.
    • Wait till it`s solved for you and the money gets returned.
Travelling with Naleia Yachting is safe

I am organizing the trips for your with love, care and attention to the details. The only thing I cannot control is the weather. Every other item, I do organize and I do it the best I can. This is why the Travel Guarantee of AXA is merely a formality which I am required to fulfill. If you have any questions about any aspect of this travel guarantee or about any other aspect of the sailing holidays I organize, feel free to drop me a line.

Stay Awesome,


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