`Who will be there on my boat?`, `Will I like them?`, `Will they like me?` these are most often the questions which people ask themselves before joining flotilla sailing holidays. Solo or with a friend, people still end up asking me these questions, so I decided to shed a bit of light on the secret method of matching people who join us sailing to their crews.

The Selectan Algorithm

In 2013, just before I organized my very first flotilla sailing holiday I had a challenge. 40 people instead of 8 signed up! Initial excitement gave way to quite a pragmatic question: who should sail with whom?

These people, in vast majority, did not know each other. And I did not know them either! I needed a solution which would be objective, therefore I turned to psychologists, artists, and engineers in my friends circle. With the help of a few pizzas, coffees and some music we came up with a bunch of questions which should create enough input to find similar people….

Years later it is still in use. Automated and tested it gets better and better the more people sail with Naleia. It learns along the way!

And produces such a beautiful results!

The Faster The Better

You get your chance to answer Selectan questions once you join for a sailing holiday with Naleia or if you fill the Expectations Checker questionnaire on our Do We Match? subsite. A couple of weeks before the departure, you will receive an email with a link to the survey if you have not done so. The faster you fill it the better the answers! A few examples of the questions for your to get a feeling:

  • How many hours per day do you want to spend sailing?
  • When in company of others …. I enjoy if the music is: (scale from 1 to 5)
  • Are you a vegetarian?

Your Crew Will Fit

This little but powerful feature of our sailing holidays makes sure that your crew is the best possible fit. People are very often surprised how well they connected with their crew and how strong the bonds are even after the sailing week has ended. Often I receive photos which show `after sailing reunite` meeting. That`s the most rewarding part of organizing any sailing holidays. At least for me 🙂 !

BTW. Have you already seen this one?

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