Naleia Sailing Course

Improve Your Sailing

Step Up Your Sailing Game

Have a professional skipper to coach your sailing skills. Join a small crew of 5 for a week of practicing most stressful manoeuvres. Out of the high season, with possibly some rougher weather, we will sail, enjoy a background of Croatian coastline and learn how to get things unter control and reach a safe haven.

Sail, Learn, Repeat

We will adjust the course contents to the participants. We expect to take time to polish any of: mooring to a buoy, pier, or shore; Adriatic Mooring (with lazy lines), Greek Mooring (with anchor), man overboard on sails and motor, navigation without electronics, night sailing, heavy weather…

Master The Wheel

Become a confident helmsman. Be sure and safe in ports. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that will lead you the be the star of HafenKino. It`s not the boat that drives us but we who drive the boat!

Next Level Sailing

Take the crew for a long-haul night passage. Keep watches, navigate and bring everyone safely through the dark hours. Prepare and sail through heavy weather. Build your confidence with strong winds.

Get More Social

Sailing is not only about your technique. Get comfortable with crew management, practice efficient communication, delegation and quick decision making.

“Naleia Sailing Course” Route

Only 5 people per boat!

⛵ 7 nights sailing,
☸️ professional skipper, 
🏨 bed linen, towels, end cleaning,
🏄 SUP board and dinghy,
🔒 trustful damage deposit,
💎 travel insurance.

💰 cashbox contribution ca. 120 € pp (food, port fees, fuel),
✈️ flights/transfers.

Departure: Sukosan Marina.

Nearest Airport: Zadar Airport (ZAD), Split Airport (SPU).

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Naleia Sailing Course Highlights

What you can expect to experience on this route.

Naleia Sailing Course Itinerary

We are true to the discoverers` spirit and plan our adventures accordingly to the winds, the weather and your wishes. This means the order as well as some of stopovers may be different than presented below. Leave planning at home! The plan showed below is only an indicative itinerary and your trip may differ. Only the mad men sail against the wind!



The starting point of Save Haven Sailing Course is Sukosan marina which lies 11km from Zadar International Airport. You will arrive in a blink of an eye, meet your crew and supply the yacht with groceries for our sailing week. Sukosan is a small, sleepy town and that`s exactly what we are looking for! In the evening we meet for a welcome drink and afterwards dine together at a local restaurant!



Zminjak is a remote island with a single restaurant offering a long pier for yachties. We shall practice our mooring skills at the pier and our tasting skills at the restaurant. Mooring stern-to, side-to, bows-to, with lazy lines and anchor, we practice it all.


Konoba Bain

We make use of the many buoys laid in front of Konoba Bain to practice buoy mooring both on motor and on sails. As a treat after the day a great sunset view and a dinner awaits.


Kornati Archipelago

With its hundreds of islands of all sizes, Kornati is a perfect place to practice day navigation and taking command of the yacht. It`s time to practice delegation, clear communication, taking responsibility and quick decision making. Come on, skipper it a bit!


Night Sailing

At least one of the nights we sail far to experience how it is to be underway during the hours of darkness. You will be instructed, divided into shifts and the whole crew`s safety will depend on you. Included: watch keeping, log writing, night navigation, stars counting…. and a hot beverage 😉


Remote Bay

On our trips we always plan with the wind, so we can`t say for sure where we shall end up. One sure, remote bays are on the way! Laying landlines and anchoring will be the topic of this afternoon. Once everyone gets a good hold of it, we shall take some leisure time and go over the theory and what we have learnt until now in the beautiful Croatian surroundings.


Unesco Heritage Town

To improve our sightseeing experience we shall moor at one of the historic Croatian cities. We are not sure which one, but definitely with stone paved streets! Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir, Split, Hvar… let`s see where the wind takes us!


Keep the connection

The last day is the day to say goodbye. All the miles sailed, manoeuvres practice, skills gained and time shared with others will make you bond and build relationships. Cherish these, keep in touch and remember that your sailing family is there. See you another time!

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