weather forecasting sunset

„Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; Red sky at morning, a sailor takes warning.”

Sailing is a wonderful sport activity you can do outdoors. In order to appreciate it`s full joy it is crucial to know what weather conditions you have to face. The knowledge how to predict the weather is not only a practical skill for sailing. Weather forecasting gives you also a chance to get acquainted with nature and it`s force.

Weather forecast for sailing is a huge discipline. Scientists and books are dealing with this topic. No predictions are 100 percent sure. But with the following tipps you get the basic knowledge for weather forecasting.  


Clouds are the most obvious indicators for weather changes. If the clouds are moving fast, prepare for a weather change.

Cirrus clouds are thin and slim and mean stormy weather is approaching in the next hours.

weather forecasting cirrus

Cirrocumulus clouds are small and appear in long rows. They indicate nice but cold weather.  

Weather forecasting

Cumulonimbus clouds are huge and dense cloud formations. Be aware! Heavy rain, thunder and lighting is ahead of you!

weather forecasting Cumulonimbus

Nimbostratus clouds are dark and appear low, like as you could touch them. They mean persistent rainfall.

weather forecasting Nimbostratus

Cirrostratus clouds are covering the whole sky. They signal rain in the next hours.

weather forecasting Cirrostratus

Last but not least Cumulushumilis are puffy and single clouds. These formations tell you: „Go outside and don’t expect any rain!“

weather forecasting Cumulushumilis


Wind is the engine of a sailing boat. So always keep an eye where the wind comes from.

Strong winds signal that bad weather is approaching, high and low air pressure areas in a constant change.

Take a deep breath. If you smell strong scents, bad weather is not far. Plants and flowers release waste and cause strong smells in low pressure environment which indicates a storm is about to come.

You may not believe it, but your hair is also a weather forecasting provider. High humidity, which preceeds rainy conditions, makes hair curl up and ruffle.

weather forecasting wind

Animal behavior

On the sea you can also observe animals. For instance Birds have strong weather sensitivity.  

When air pressure is falling due to imminent storm, you can see birds flying low. An upcoming storm causes pain in bird’s ears. If they are flying high it indicates mild weather.   

Hours before heavy thunderstorms and rain seagulls fly around coasts to look for shelter.  

Not only animals in the air have a sense for weather changes. Also creatures on the coast have alerting systems for rain and storm. Before huge amounts of rain rise on the ground, turtles look for higher spots and ants build steep hills.

weather forecasting animal behavior

Every area, zone and territory on the earth have different climate patterns and behavior. The point is that you should get out more often and get acquainted with your environment. Live more outside and you`ll become amazed how many beautiful moments you miss by sitting in the office!

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