How To Plan A Sailing Trip – Free Email Course

Free Email Course
In this 7-part email course you will learn everything you need to know to plan your own sailing trip.
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Our Free Email Course Covers:

  • How to choose your crew? Sailing with friends, family and how to make a socially balanced trip.
  • Where to sail? A guide on the most popular sailing destinations and what to expect from them. Croatia, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Caribbean.
  • When to sail? Average temperatures, charter prices, local weather patterns,
  • How to choose a skipper that fits you? What questions to ask to make the perfect match.
  • How to choose the yacht for you? Common charter terms you need to know to not get tricked.
  • What to pack? A complete packing list for sailing holidays.
  • Why I love sailing? A subjective guide on this beautiful and addictive sport.
  • Learn from my mistakes¬†sections uncovering situations to avoid.

It is written for anyone wishing to go sailing. You may want to organize a sailing trip for friends, colleagues or family or join solo for an organized holiday. We got you covered. Learn how to prepare everything up front so that you can make the best out of your time on the water.

The course is delivered directly to your email box in 7 parts over 7 days.

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