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Sail the English Channel

Things To Do On The Channel Crossing Trip

Experience sailing along the British and French coasts. Visit the Isle of Wight, sail up the Beaulieu River, discover the islands of Alderney and Guernsey. Understand how the tides work, and how to plan our passage and calculate our course taking into account the currents. Take the helm, and be in charge of the boat during the night watch. Feel the freedom of sailing from one country to another.

UK Sailing Trip

“Across The Channel” Route

🏊 May – October
📅 7 nights
🌍 UK, Hamble
🌠 Night sailing, Tides, Pints
💨 Moderate Winds
🌊 Tidal Swell and Current

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The Solent

Sail up and down the famous Solent, the picturesque Beaulieu River, and discover the Victorian charm of the Isle of Wight.

The Channel Islands

Discover the Islands of Alderney and Guernsey, and their singular status as Crown dependencies just off the French coast.

Out at sea

Experience the Channel, and the feeling of being out of sight of land for a 20 hours long crossing.
Extra Activities

Sailing is fun not only due to the wind, ropes and people who join us. We like to be creative with our time on board. Feel free to suggest even the most crazy of ideas! We like to experiment!

Life On Board

Living on a yacht is a bit different to living in a house. You will live on the blue side of the sea, and have the sea as your backyard. Sailing frees the spirit and strengthens the mind. It decreases privacy, so hiccups, quirks and weaknesses are rapidly exposed. It’s definitely not for everyone, but everyone who tried it learned a lot about themselves. Therefore, do not wait till your life responsibilities anchor you and take the plunge. You are welcome.

A new horizon everyday

Each day a different port, each evening a different skyline. Enjoy the nomad privilege of freely roaming the seas, only following wind and tides. We can stay in harbours, at anchor or moored on a buoy, and explore the surroundings land!

Getting prepared!

Sailing in the Channel requires some preparation. At the start of the week, we will look up the weather and the times of high and low tides for the following days, calculate the tidal currents using a stream atlas, and then decide on our ideal schedule.

Night watches

As night falls, it is time to organise for our watches. We will split the crew in three teams of 2 or 3, each led by a more experienced crewmember. The skipper will leave you detailed instructions for your 3 hour watch, before he goes to rest. You will be in charge of keeping the course, watch out for other vessels, and trimming the sails. One’s first night watches are always a thrilling experience!

People to meet

We are open to anyone who is open. If you are ready to share a yacht for a week, be honest, true and enjoy yourself, join us. We immediately assume you to be a friend and ask you to do the same. We all love exploring the nature and stepping out of our comfort zone to face new experiences. Our sailing trips are about meeting that magical sort of people, Naleians.

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