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Hoist The Sails in Malta!

Our meeting point is the marina in Kalkara. The marina is only 9km away from Malta International Airport, and easily accessible by public transport. The marina is also right opposite Valletta, the capital city.

Meeting day and time

Please remember the following:

  • Before the check-in day your skipper will email you and your crew to coordinate the very details of the first day and agree on the exact meeting point. Upon arrival you will recognize the yacht you will sail on by the Naleia Yachting flags.
  • Check-in hour: Saturday at 16h00. It would be great if you could arrive to the marina before 16h00 to have enough time to provision the yacht together with your crew. Later arrivals are allowed if you don’t have another choice. Your crew will do the shopping for you, so be considerate and bring them a little thank-you present. Sweets from your home country work best ;). We will leave the marina on Sunday morning, after the breakfast, and after the safety briefing.
  • Check-out hour: 09h00 on the last day of the trip (Saturday). We will probably come back to the marina already on Friday evening. We may go out to share a dinner in the city and spend the last night on the boat talking long into the dark.

Malta Sailing Holiday

“Sail & Climb” Route

🏊 April – October
📅 7 nights
🌍 Malta, Valetta
🌠 Sail, Climb, Repeat
💨 Calm Winds
🌊 Small Waves

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Our skipper and climbing guide – Nico

I have been sailing with Naleia for 5 years, and teaching climbing for over 15 years. In the four years I was living in Malta, I sailed and kayaked around the islands and wore out innumerable pairs of climbing shoes on the cliffs of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

For this sailing & climbing trip, I will be both your skipper and your climbing instructor. Depending on the size of the group, we may also get help from one or two of the local climbing guides. I am a certified mountain guide (Belgian Alpine Club) and hold an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore.

It will be my pleasure to teach you the basics of sailing (hoisting and trimming the sails, mooring, navigation, reading charts,..) and of climbing (using the equipment, tying the knots, belaying, climbing technique, movement and position, lead climbing, setting a belay,…).

I believe that climbing and sailing make a perfect combination. We will leave the trip stronger, more confident, with plenty of memories at sea and on the rocks!

Learn To Sail Course

Included in every trip we organize is a basic sailing course. We follow the methodology of the Royal Yachting Association and we go with you through the Competent Crew course. The course may be extended to a more advanced manoeuvres if needed. The course is absolutely free of charge and the purpose is that you understand how to participate in most of the sailing related activities, feel safe and comfortable on the yacht and catch a bit of passion for sailing. The skipper is there for you to offer guidance while you and the crew are there to sail the boat. It’s a hands on experience. The sailing course serves also as a form of team building: providing easy goals for the crew to be achieved together.

Price: free; pre-course experience: none; assumed knowledge: none; minimum age: none; awarded certificate: none; sea miles confirmation: on request.

Course content: knowledge of sea terms and parts of a boat, rigging and sails, sail handling, ropework, fire precautions and fighting, personal safety equipment, man overboard, emergency equipment, meteorology, seasickness, helmsmanship, general duties, manners and customs, rules of the road, standard manoeuvres, dinghies.

Ability after the course: able to steer, handle sails and trim them to the wind, keep a lookout, avoid collisions, navigate (basic), read charts, plan a daily passage, row a dinghy and assist in all the day to day routines. Example of manoeuvres which you should be able to perform with your crew: hoisting and putting down the sails, jibing, tacking, trimming the sails, man overboard. Example of manoeuvres where you will assist your skipper: anchoring, mooring at a buoy, mooring in the marina.

The Team

The Team


Arriving instructions

The fastest way of getting from the airport to the marina is to take a taxi. It takes about 20 minutes to get from the airport to the Kalkara marina by taxi, and this should cost around 20€.

There are many bus combinations that will get you to Kalkara from the airport. You can speak with the bus attendant at the airport or with the driver who will advise the best route.

Kalkara Marina Co. Ltd, Kalkara Wharf, Kalkara, KKR 1501, Malta

Marina Kalkara

Starting Point of Malta Trip
For autonomous climbers

Climbers who need no supervision can join at a reduced price. Climbers joining under these conditions should:

  • be perfectly autonomous in climbing including belaying, leading the routes and installing top-ropes
  • bring their own gear (personal gear + quickdraws + slings + rope)
  • will climb under their own responsibility
  • should join with their climbing partner(s) – we can put individual climbers in touch
  • in general, have enough experience to climb autonomously while following all safety rules

Please get in touch with us if you would like to join as an autonomous climber.

Additional Costs Sailing & Climbing Malta

Except the booking fee there are variable additional costs which you should budget for. Additional costs highly depend on the way you and your crew want to spend the trip. These costs are only to be paid upon arrival. A volunteer from your crew will handle all the boat expenses.

~165€ pp/week

(+ climbing equipment rental if necessary)

Of which:

  • Groceries, drinking water for the yacht: 80€
  • Diesel fuel for the boat: 10€
  • Taxi to reach some of the climbing sites: 15€
  • Restaurants incl. for the skipper: 60€ approx
Climbing Gear

For climbing you will need the following:

  • Harness
  • Belay device (tube, grigri or similar) + one carabiner
  • Climbing shoes
  • Helmet
  • Chalk back, if desired

You can either bring your own gear, borrow from friends, or we can organise the rental of this equipment in Malta.

A full set (harness, climbing shoes, helmet, chalk bag, belay device) will cost 25€ for the week.

Please let us know if you need to rent gear.

The Organizational Process

  1. Before you book: make sure this sort of social sailing experience is for you. Read more about our trips on our website: The Concept, Living On the Yacht, Yacht Life Rules, watch our photos, or videos, or fill our Expectations Checker.
  2. Booking: once you decide to book, go to: and follow the instructions on screen. If you are joining with a friend, create two separate bookings and write in the designated field that you want to share a cabin or be on the same yacht. If you book more than 40 days in advance you will pay only 50% of the booking fee to save your spot.
  3. Confirmations: Once you made the booking you will immediately receive an email with a confirmation and your invoice. We will send you a useful packing checklist to help you know what to take, best advice is to travel light!
  4. Balance payment: you will be automatically reminded to pay the balance (second 50% of the booking fee). No worries 🙂
  5. Before the check-in day: around 1 week before the departure your skipper will send you and your crew an email to connect the people and coordinate the check-in day. Upon arrival you will recognize the yacht you will sail on by the Naleia Yachting flags.
  6. Check-in: it would be great if you could be in the marina on the check-in day before 16h00. That should give enough time to provision the yacht and share a welcome dinner somewhere in the city in a comfortable pace. Late arrivals are accepted but need to be compensated to the crew with some local sweets from your home 😉
  7. Leaving the marina: usually we leave the marina only on the day after the check-in. There is so much to do on the check-in that rushing the departure kills the holiday mood.
  8. Coming back to the marina: we usually come back to the port on the day before the check-out day and have a dinner together. We still sleep on the boats! Note: sometimes, if the crew and the boat owner agrees, we come back to the marina very early on the check-in day.
  9. Check-out: the usual check-out time is 09h00 in the morning, which is when we need to leave the boats.
  10. After the trip: you receive an email asking you to review the trip you participated in, as well as an email to a photo-sharing server so that you can exchange memories with the other crew members.

Most Frequent Questions


Check-in is on Saturday at 14h00-16h00. If you arrive earlier, you can meet the other crew and prepare the week’s shopping list for the grocery shopping. That is why it is good to arrive not later than the check-in time. We leave the port next morning (Sunday) after breakfast.

On Friday, the last day, we arrive at our marina in the afternoon: 15h00-18h00. We can still spend the last night on the boat. We will have captains dinner on the last night, which means that it would be great if you stay with us for that evening. We need to check-out and leave the yachts before 09h00 on Saturday morning.


Around 50% of the people who come to my sailing holidays are coming solo. 25% in groups of 2 and 25% in the group of 3 and more. As there is a few yachts I take special care in matching people to the crews. I even wrote a little blog post about that: Matching Yacht Crews for Sailing Holidays


At Naleia we plan as we go according to the weather conditions and all crews’ moods. There are a variety of places that we can visit, but the order and exact choice is only made each morning after verifying the weather conditions. Leave planning at home! We live for the moment!


You can either bring your own climbing gear, or we can organise rental for you in Malta. You will need: a harness, a belay device (tube, grigri or similar) + carabiner, a pair of climbing shoes, and a helmet.

The price for renting the whole set in Malta is 25€ per person for the week.

Naleia is taking care of the common climbing gear, that is, ropes, quickdraws, carabiners, slings, trad gear etc…


Whether you are an absolute beginner or a world champion, you will find climbing for your level. Most of the sites we will visit feature slab, vertical and overhanging routes graded from 3+ to 8a.


We will mostly climb sport routes, that means routes that have bolts (pre-drilled metal hooks) in them. We may perhaps climb on some sites without bolts (known as ‘trad climbing’). We will mostly do top-ropes (where the rope is already passed through the top of the route). Experienced climbers may have the opportunity to lead climb (place the rope on the route, starting from the bottom). If time allows, and depending on the size of the group, we may even go for a multi-pitch (a route that is longer than the length of the rope, so it is necessary to relay in the middle of the cliff).

Always Included


A comfy bed on a fully equipped 12-16m sailing yacht, tender, end cleaning, tourist taxes, bed linen, towels, etc… If you join solo you share a same-sex cabin.

Blurb Skipper


Pro Skipper who is in charge of sailing. S/he is a part of your crew, facilitates the trip and shows you the best secret spots.

Basic Learn To Sail

Learn To Sail

Basic Learn-To-Sail course for anyone who wishes to learn. The course covers RYA Competent Crew course curriculum. It`s mostly hands on!


Damage waiver (no deposit needed) and a travel insurance covering sailing incidents. Be yourself and enjoy. We got you covered!

Join Us For Sailing and Climbing in Malta

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