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Sail & Climb

Things To Do On The Malta Sailing and Climbing Trip

Experience the culture and nature of this small Mediterranean country. Sail along the sea cliffs and drop anchor in a remote bay. Learn to hoist the sail, take the helm, find your way with a chart. Learn to climb and to belay, improve your climbing technique and challenge yourself. Walk through the streets of the fortified cities built by the Knights of Malta, shop for some fish at Marsaxlokk market, and try the Maltese pastizzi. Follow the Good Friday and Easter Sunday procession of statues through the narrow streets. Distances are small in Malta, so we’ll have plenty of freedom in one week to find the combination of sailing, climbing and culture that suits us.

Malta Sailing Holiday

“Sail & Climb” Route

🏊 April – October
📅 7 nights
🌍 Malta, Valetta
🌠 Sail, Climb, Repeat
💨 Calm Winds
🌊 Small Waves

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The fortified cities

Discover the fortified cities built by the Knights of Malta. We start the trip from Kalkara marina, in the impressive ‘Grand Harbour’, and right by the ‘3 cities’ of Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua. Just across will be the impressive fortifications of Valletta, the capital city built by the Knights in the 16th century.

Sea cliffs

Sail and climb along the impressive cliffs of Malta and Gozo. Drop the anchor in the protected bay of Dwejra, at the foot of the mysterious Fungus Rock.

Easter in Malta

Easter is the most important yearly celebration in Malta, and probably nowhere else is the Easter folklore still so alive. On Good Friday, penitents, many dressed in Biblical characters, some with chains tied to their feet, walk a series of statues depicting the Passion of Christ in procession through the streets. This sombre day contrasts with Easter Sunday, when the statue of Christ is taken triumphantly out of the church.
Extra Activities

Sailing is fun not only due to the wind, ropes and people who join us. We like to be creative with our time on board. Feel free to suggest even the most crazy of ideas! We like to experiment!

Life On Board

Living on a yacht is a bit different to living in a house. You will live on the blue side of the sea, and have the sea  as your backyard. Sailing frees the spirit and strengthens the mind. It decreases privacy, so hiccups, quirks and weaknesses are rapidly exposed. It’s definitely not for everyone, but everyone who tried it learned a lot about themselves. Therefore, do not wait till your life responsibilities anchor you and take the plunge. You are welcome.

A typical day sailing

Wake up and take the plunge into refreshing waters. Eat the breakfast on board and sail to a remote bay. Drop anchor, have lunch, swim and relax. Sail further to today night destination. Explore the port, hike the mountain, cook with your mates, eat out or sing the night away.

A day out climbing

After a morning of sailing, we drop anchor in a protected bay, have lunch on board and a refreshing swim. Some climbing sites are right by the boat and can be reached by dinghy, otherwise we take a transport for an afternoon on the rocks.

A new horizon everyday

Each day a different port, each evening a different skyline. While staying at a hotel gives comfort, sailing takes it to a new level by providing constantly changing scenery and an access to the most remote sights.

People to meet

We are open to anyone who is open. If you are ready to share a yacht for a week, be honest, true and enjoy yourself, join us. We immediately assume you to be a friend and ask you to do the same. We all love exploring the nature and stepping out of our comfort zone to face new experiences. Our sailing trips are about meeting that magical sort of people, Naleians.

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