Sailing Holidays in Sicily

Aeolian ISlands

Feel invited to join us sailing in Sicily. The seven Aeolian Islands are just north of Sicily and all of them were formed by tectonic activity, thus, they all are volcanoes (just not all of them are active anymore). The remains of volcanic activity on most of the islands are in the form of hot springs, mud baths that we dip in or underwater sulfur exhausts that we see while snorkeling. One of the volcanoes – Stromboli – is still active with a regular lava flows and even more regular eruptions!

All the islands` beaches are made of black, fine, glittering sand. While walking around the cities, we mainly see old houses, narrow streets, colorful flowers, laundry being dried outside and generally lots of lush vegetation – thanks to the very fertile volcanic soil. The food is delicious (as almost all over Italy), people are friendly and speak English with a charming Italian accent. Welcome to the region of steady winds, warm seas and amazing marine life! Will you dare to `have a blast` with us on these sailing holidays?

Our Stops Enroute Sailing Holidays In Sicily


Portorosa is our starting point. This village was transformed into a marina. We embark onto our yachts, provision the boats and go out to dine in a restaurant and get to know other Naleians over a delicious Italian meal.

Starting point for our sailing trip in Sicily


Sailing in Sicily must start at the shores of Volcano island where we drop the anchor, swim to the shore and sunbath on the black volcanic sands. Volcano`s volcano is still active: sulfur exhausts continuously give off heat! We hike the hill to admire sunset, glimpse Stromboli in the distance and enjoy the Italian summer`s breeze!


Lipari town on Lipari island is quite a touristy city, but being the largest city of the Aeolians, it offers a variety of nightlife attractions, bars and strolling opportunities. We go out for a drink and shake our hips to the sounds of street musicians! We have a Granite (something between ice-cream and crushed ice juice: very refreshing and tasty). Most houses have lovely small balconies filled with plants and flowers. The architecture of the city is adjusted to the terrain: tightly built with many narrow and winding streets!


Arriving to Panarea we look for a sweet anchoring spot and stay there for the night. Away from civilization. Under the starry sky!

Seaside panorama of Lipari. Largest island of the Aeolian Islands archipelago.


Arriving to Stromboli, our highlight of highlights while sailing in Sicily! Welcomed by thick ash clouds! Yeah! Hiking atop Stromboli is no less exciting than the eruptions themselves! Volcanic soil is very fertile, the lush vegetation includes lemon trees, orange trees, date palms and variety of flowers you`ve never seen before. The highlight of highlights of the trip. Lava flowing out of Stromboli, loud and scary eruptions, glowing heat (even from a distance) and a feeling of excitement! Life`s good!

Arriving to the highlight of our sailing holiday in Sicily. Stromboli!


Salina is the greenest of all islands, as it is the only island of the archipelago with freshwater springs. We moor in a marina, enjoy the little city and stroll around in search for a nice corner to hang out. Freshwater springs on Salina, together with volcanic soil, fuel the local vegetation and result in delicious local Malvasia wines and fresh green surroundings. Salina is known to spark spontaneous parties, including dancing on the streets and ….

Salina is the greenest island on our sailing route in Sicily.

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Italy Sailing Holidays

“Aeolian Islands” Route

🏊 June – September
📅 7 nights
🌍 Italy, Portorosa
🌠 Volcanoes, Sicily, Italian Food
💨 Moderate Winds
🌊 Small / Moderate Waves

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Most Frequent Questions


At Naleia we plan as we go according to the weather conditions and all crews` moods. There is a set of places that we can visit, but the order and exact choice is only made each morning after verifying the weather conditions. Leave planning at home! We live for the moment!


Check-ins are always on Saturdays at 16h00. You are naturally most welcome to come earlier and say hello! Your yacht is being cleaned for you at this moment so we need to wait a little. On the last day we arrive to our marina in the afternoon: 15h00-18h00. We need to check-out and leave the yachts before 09h00 on Saturday morning.


There won`t be more than 6 yachts in Sicilian flotilla. This allows us to fit into small and uninhabited bays, moor at little restaurants and it makes the group small enough to have cosy and friendly atmosphere that allow spontaneous ideas to come to life! For example: hiking the nearby hill to admire the sunset, going for a local concert or jamming at our yachts!

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