Sailing In Finland Things To Do

Experience the elements.

Things To Do on this trip

Experience an authentic sailing trip and navigate the largest Archipelago in the world. Take in long sunsets, enjoy forest walks in the pristine nature, and take a dip in the sea after a real Finnish sauna. Visit small island settlements and drop anchor in lushly forested bays. Feel the connection to the crew, the nature and yourself growing day by day.

Remote Piers and Anchorages

Moor at the pier at a remote island or drop an anchor in the middle of an uninhabited bay. Enjoy the proximity of the nature, smell the forest and pick up blueberries for the pancakes cooked on board.

Feast Like a Viking

Spend an evening in a Viking hall. Enjoy the food served in wooden bowls, drink ale from the horn, wear a fur cape and throw axes. Become a Viking for an evening!

Finnish Sauna Culture

Experience how it should be done properly. Say goodbye to the `towel men`, say hello to `löyly`, the only thing you actually need to have it the Finnish way. Löyly is a word that Finnish people use to describe the heat and the steam in sauna as well as the act of pouring the water over the hot stones. Sauna was and is a sacred place to many, it is the place of many cultural meetings and should be seen as a way of spending quality social time.

“Löyly” Route

⛵ 7 nights sailing,
☸️ professional skipper, 
🏨 bed linen, towels, end cleaning,
🏄 SUP board and dinghy,
🔒 trustful damage deposit,
💎 travel insurance.

💰 cashbox contribution ca. 180 € pp (food, port fees, fuel),
✈️ flights/transfers.

Departure: Dalsbruk Marina.

Nearest Airport: Helsinki Airport (HEL), Turku Airport (TKU).

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Extra Activities

Sailing is fun not only due to the wind, ropes and people who join us. We like to be creative with our time on board. Feel free to suggest even the most crazy of ideas! We like to experiment!

Life On Board

Living on a yacht is a bit different to living in a house. You will live on the blue side of the sea, and have the sea  as your backyard. Sailing frees the spirit and strengthens the mind. It decreases privacy, so hiccups, quirks and weaknesses are rapidly exposed. It`s definitely not for everyone, but everyone who tried it learned a lot about themselves. Therefore, do not wait till your life responsibilities anchor you and take the plunge. You are welcome.

A typical day sailing

Wake up and breathe in the fresh Finnish air. Eat breakfast on board and sail to a remote bay. Drop anchor, have lunch, take in the landscape and relax. Sail further to today night destination. Explore the port, walk in the forest, cook with your mates, eat out or sing the night away.

A new horizon everyday

Every day a different port, every evening a different skyline. While staying at a hotel gives comfort, sailing takes it to a new level by providing constantly changing scenery and an access to the most remote sights.

Absolute freedom

Discuss in the morning where to go. Spot a nice bay on the way? Just swing the helm, explore and drop the anchor for a break. The sea is our playground!

People to meet

We are open to anyone who is open. If you are ready to share a yacht for a week, be honest, true and enjoy yourself, join us. We immediately assume you to be a friend and ask you to do the same. We all love exploring the nature and stepping out of our comfort zone to face new experiences. Our sailing trips are about meeting that magical sort of people, Naleians.

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