Sailing People

Suzie already knows why to leave the office and sail. Do you?

Your eyes closed. A cool breeze fills your nose.  You smell salt in the air. The wind leverages your mind. You just feel complete. All worries swept away by sunlight on your face.

You wake up!

Instead of enjoying freedom on the sea, you face your computer in an air-conditioned office.

Here are 10 reasonable excuses why you should be on a sailing boat instead of working at your desk.

Sailing on a bow

1. An unbelievable view
A look onto the horizon with the sea below lifts your mood. Only fishermen have the luxury of experiencing such a view everyday. Give your computer a break for a few weeks, it won’t miss you. Guaranteed!

2. Using one of the four elements to move
No roaring motors in the background. You and nature work together in order to move forward. You appreciate what nature provides you with.

3. Teamwork in an exciting surroundings
You on the helm and your mates on the rope. Only with team-work you make progress. You depend on your mates and they rely on you. Results cannot only be seen, they can also be felt with boat speeding up, heeling or cutting the waves.

4. A different environment 
A new surrounding lets you explore new skills. You might even develop new ones, like team building, weather forecasting, learning new fish species.

Sailing Away

5. Hands on Work
Your hands and fingers are destined to do more than typing on a keyboard. Pull a rudder, tie a palstek,  or take the helm. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve only with your bare hands.

6. Cook together 
Everything you eat on a boat is freshly made. Preparing and eating a dish with your mates is always better than having a heated meal from a microwave.

7. Get physically and mentally fit
A boat is never still. Even a walk from the stern to bow requires concentration. You learn to balance your body and mind.

8. Scent of openness and freedom
Standing on the bow, lift your head up, close your eyes and smell pure freedom. Just give it a try!

9. From strangers to friends in no-time
On a boat with strangers you immediately have to get acquainted with them. No sniffing at each other, no prejudices, no hidden thoughts. You rely on one another so automatically you`re bonded.

10. Sailing is a different work
When you are on a boat you wash away thoughts of work. There is also work on a boat, but you approach it differently! It`s actually fun, engaging and rewarding!

There are thousand more reasons why you should take a break from work and sail away.  They say that the definition of an adventure is you go along a path but don’t know what is ahead of you. On a sailing boat you have no fixed destination. You go where the wind takes you. Let it happen!

What are your reasons to go sailing instead of working? We’d love to hear and learn from you!

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