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Around the world Sailing Holidays on SY “Free Spirit”

Sit down or grab on to something. This is biiiiiiiig! Some radical sailing trips are coming up, real world-class destinations to visit and adventures to be had. Some of you know that I was considering to get a boat (or better three) for Naleia and sail it all year round, offering trips off-the-beaten-path, but I was missing a boat and someone who would bring know-how on boat-work, maintenance, etc. etc. Quite an obstacle you see.

You can imagine my joy when I got contacted by Moritz, who brought exactly what I was missing. Moritz has 15 years of skippering experience and in August 2022 left Greece on his boat (S/Y Free Spirit) to sail around the world for about 2 years. Since then he sailed all through the Mediterranean Sea towards Canaries, Cape Verde, crossed the Atlantic and explored almost all of the Caribbean islands. Moritz takes people on board to share the experience of sailing to new shores together. Everyone takes part in sailing the boat, sharing meals, land exploration, making bonfires on lonely beaches, swimming with glowing plankton… Sounds familiar? Yes, this is exactly the Naleian vibe.

The connection between Moritz and me was made by a Naleian sailing on Free Spirit – thanks Ella! We clicked immediately and realized we have the same approach to sailing, the same view on the experience we want to offer to people, we love the ocean and the life on a boat. It all matched perfectly and I am confident to say that Moritz will make a perfect Naleia skipper.

We decided to partner up and organise some trips together. This is going to be Naleia experience in the worlds most tropical sailing grounds. 

Join once in a lifetime adventurous sailing trip

Please read the following to understand what joining one of the sailing holidays on Free Spirit means. The type of sailing on these adventures is way different to the usual sailing trips we organise, because:

  • schedule: there is a schedule to meet. The distances are planned in a way that if the boat sails 24/7 the whole distance of the trip would be covered in half the planned time. Meaning, if the trip is planned for 14 nights, the estimated sailing time is 7 days and 7 nights non stop. The remaining-time is for exploration, adventures and meeting the unexpected.
  • shifts: we all take various roles and participate in crewing the boat. The shifts rotate between: cooking, resting and sailing. 24/7. Night shifts are shorter than day shifts.
  • self-reliability: help is usually far away. There are other boats sailing in the area, cargo ships, etc… but if the shit hits the fan we will need to solve the problem ourselves. Sometimes for a few days straight you will not see land.
  • different cultures: we are visiting some of the most remote destinations in the world. Expect things to be different or to not work as you are used to.
  • night sailing: at least half of the time on the trip the boat is going to be under sail, day and night. 
  • not a holiday: that is not really true. It depends on your definition of a holiday, for some people what is presented here is the best holiday ever 😉

Sailing Adventure on SY “Free Spirit”

682 EUR / week

1-5 week long sailing trips available.
Sail from 100NM to 3500NM per trip. 

⛵ 7 nights on board,
☸️ professional skipper,
🏨 bed linen, towels, end cleaning,
🏄 SUP board and dinghy,
🔒 trustful damage deposit,

💰 cashbox contribution ca. 200 € pp / week (food, port fees, fuel),
✈️ flights/transfers.

Join for a part of around the world sailing adventure.

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Itinerary for Sailing Trip around the world

Below is a general itinerary for the circumnavigation of the globe on Sailing Yacht “Free Spirit”. There may be small changes happening from time to time but in general the plan is made. Of course natural occurances may slow down the trip but that was taken into consideration while planning.

About the skipper

Moritz has my full trust in delivering the sort of experience that you would get on a Naleia trip. Here is what he writes about himself on his website:

“I have worked for more than 10 years as a skipper on charter yachts, on 100+ trips and I love organizing trips. I have always been an adventure-seeker, now I am organizing an even bigger adventure.

The last six years, I have worked full-time as a journalist. Before, have studied Sociology and Politics. I have some DIY experience both from sailing on a tall ship and home renovation. My research skills, knowledge about how societies work and practical experience will be useful when sailing around the world.

20.000 nautical miles in, I can say that my sailing style is definitely rather chillaxing than regatta. I always hunt for the off-the-beaten-track experience and the coolest anchorage.

On my trips, I always try to organize a good mix of sailing, swimming and sun-tanning, cooking and drinking together, exploring ashore in an anchorage and islands – and doing silly things and having fun doing that is also part of it 😉

About the yacht

The sailboat that you will be on is fully prepared for many weeks at sea without touching land. It is a Dufour Classic from 1999 and features: solar panels with strong lithium batteries, water maker, generator, all safety equipment and satellite communications. There is also a satellite tracker that Moritz switches on when sailing offshore for longer. Your loved ones will be able to track your adventures’ progress. The latest addition is a Parasailor – a perfect light wind sail that will make the most of downwind pacific sailing.

Reserve your berth now

As the trip progresses you will be able to see here all the legs (parts) that you can join. Sometimes it is as short as 1 week, sometimes it may be a 5 week long sailing trip. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

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Highlights of sailing adventure around the world

Most remote tropical destinations await

Visit the remote islands. Make bonfires on the secluded beach lined with coconut palms. Sail to another island. Repeat.

Meet the wonders of the nature

Tropical birds, whales, turtles, coral reefs await. Meet them and look them in the eye.

One cozy boat. Small crew.

You will be sailing on one boat with 4 double cabins. Usually there will be only 5-6 people sailing in total. A perfect number to share a great sailing adventure.

What people say about Naleia Sailing Trips

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