Sailing Trip Croatia – Things To Do

Experience the elements.

Things To Do On This Sailing Trip

Sail from island to island, from town to town and live on yacht for a week. Enjoy good company and become a crew by learning to sail together. Try traditional Croatian cuisine, stroll through medieval Cities and enjoy the live music of Bryan Benner, our resident Nautical Troubadour. Join open music sessions if you feel like and sing you heart out loud to the stars.

Visit UNESCO World heritage sites and remote islands on the same trip. Let the wind take you to the beautiful natural bays and drop an anchor there for the night. Swim, snorkel and enjoy the warm Adriatic Sea. Raft the yachts, cook on board and enjoy your time away from civilization.

Sail to a Foodie Bay and let your taste buds explode with impressions served by a chef cooking with locally sourced ingredients. Hike up the hill in Kornati Archipelago and watch the sun setting over hundreds of islands. Wake up early, raise the anchor, and sail with the sun rising on the horizon.

Try your chance at dolphin spotting. Snorkel everyday and explore the underwater world, listen to the crickets in the evening, and let yourself be rocked to sleep by the waves. Wake up to a peaceful morning, dive into the crystal clear water and enjoy breakfast with 360 views of Croatian coastline.

Start new friendships and become a part of Naleia community. Get friends to sail for life and explore new sailing destinations together. Know that there are also other people out there, thirsty for genuine social fabric, good conversations and quality time adventuring in a comfortable space of a skippered sailboat.

 660 € PP
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📆 7 nights, departures:
31st August 2019 – Sundown Sailors
07th September 2019 – Out & About
✈️ Split (SPU), Zadar (ZAD)
🌊 Adriatic Sea
🔵 Easy Route

Yachts Confirmed:
1) Bavaria 46, built 2013, 4 cabins, 3 heads, 8 crew + skipper
2) Dufour 460 GL, built 2013, 4 cabins, 3 heads, 8 crew + skipper

Open Music Sessions

Any musician be it professional or hobby is encouraged to bring his instrument along. Holidays on a sailboat is highly creative environment which may spark new songs, music sessions and lots of musical exchange to happen.

Live Music of Bryan Benner

Our Nautical Trubadur likes to grab his guitar and create some joyful moments. We do not set scheduled performances but rather leave it to the moments` inspiration as well as the stimulating environments visited with sailboats.

Peka dinner

A sailing week in Croatia could not happen without a Peka dinner. Peka is a national Croatian dish, prepared under a bell for at least 4 hours. The meal is cooked to perfection by chefs who got their recipes and methods handed over from generations.

Walk the Medieval Cities

If you like to stroll through cobble stone streets, look at tightly built low buildings and fee like you were transported back a few hundreds years ago this sailing trip will be perfect for you.
Extra Activities

Sailing is fun not only due to the wind, ropes and people who join us. We like to be creative with our time on board. Feel free to suggest even the most crazy of ideas! We like to experiment!

Life On Board

Living on a yacht is a bit different to living in a house. You will live on the blue side of the sea, and have the sea  as your backyard. Sailing frees the spirit and strengthens the mind. It decreases privacy, so hiccups, quirks and weaknesses are rapidly exposed. It`s definitely not for everyone, but everyone who tried it learned a lot about themselves. Therefore, do not wait till your life responsibilities anchor you and take the plunge. You are welcome.

A typical day sailing

Wake up and breathe in the fresh air. Eat breakfast on board and sail to a remote bay. Drop anchor, have lunch, take in the landscape and relax. Sail further to today night destination. Explore the port, walk in the forest, cook with your mates, eat out or sing the night away.

A new horizon everyday

Every day a different port, every evening a different skyline. While staying at a hotel gives comfort, sailing takes it to a new level by providing constantly changing scenery and an access to the most remote sights.

Absolute freedom

Discuss in the morning where to go. Spot a nice bay on the way? Just swing the helm, explore and drop the anchor for a break. The sea is our playground!

People to meet

We are open to anyone who is open. If you are ready to share a yacht for a week, be honest, true and enjoy yourself, join us. We immediately assume you to be a friend and ask you to do the same. We all love exploring the nature and stepping out of our comfort zone to face new experiences. Our sailing trips are about meeting that magical sort of people, Naleians.