Sailboat from the mast. Sailing Vocabulary.

These are some of the funniest sailing vocabulary we found. Have a look, learn and maybe you`ll find them useful!


This is the horizontal pole in the very front of a boat. A great place to appreciate the sea, but it will turn your wife into a widow, when you fall off the boat.

The roof of a cabin. When a wave flushes across the roof it gets „pooped“.

Davy Jones Locker
Davy Jones, is not just a well known Pirate from the Jack Sparrow movies, but also the bottom go the sea. Legends tell, that drunk sailors were put into cage (locker) and woke up aboard a ship to be unknowingly recruited onto a boat! Watch out where you sleep mate!


A wooden bridge to leave the ship. Or the long plank from which a leader of a bounty gets thrown into the sea full of sharks. You must have seen in in the movies!

A person who has no intention or knowledge of sailing.

When you see an Ox-Eye is when you look to the horizon and see the clouds getting darker. This means that a storm is approaching and there will be some serious sailing work to be done.

Long sandwich
A Submarine.

Pulling ropes on sailboat

Sick Bay
It is very common to get seasick when you are not familiar with shaky boats. The Sick Bay is the chamber where you can rest and keep throwing up.

That`s not a bad person who keeps hitting butts of his mates. It is a nautical term for one of the sails.

These are the wholes which allow the water to run off the boat.

Three sheets on the wind
When a sailor has no control of his boat. Nowadays it just means that someone is drunk.

That was it! The funniest sailing vocabulary that we found! Enlighten us with fun sailing terms you know! Or even better, tell us a funny story you experienced on a boat! Just comment below!

Cockpit on a sailboat
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