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Sardinia Corsica Sailing Holidays

Welcome to the region of the west Tyrrhenian Sea! Our Sardinia Corsica Sailing trip takes us to the waters of Straight of Bonifacio which stretch between these two paradise islands. We enjoy truly azure, crystal clear water, enjoy incredible cuisine of both French and Italian traditions and sail with quite a strong winds! We visit little old historic towns, anchor in nature parks, learn to sail, relax on sandy beaches, eat well, taste wines and sing! La vita bella in Italian and French edition. What can be better?

Our Stops on Sardinia Corsica Sailing Route:

Portisco – Marina

Our marina lies 12km from Olbia Airport, therefore it`s very easy to arrive and check-in to our yachts. In this marina we find a good pizzeria (and remember that we are in Italy, the home of pizza), restaurant and a small supermarket to stock up on provisions for the week. We meet on Saturday early afternoon, distribute sleeping places, do food shopping and have a welcome meeting where some organizational information is shared. Afterwards we head to dine together and get to know each other! All with a view of sailboats gently rocking on the water.

Portisco Marina, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

La Maddalena Archipelago

National park status protects these islands from urban development. Beautiful sandy coves and cobalt blue waters surrounding the islands make them one of the most idyllic cruising grounds to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean. The principal pleasure of a visit to La Maddalena islands is the wonderful and largely unspoiled anchorages which we visit for a lunch before mooring in the town harbor. Little orange houses, multitude of plants hanging from balconies and stone paved streets provide a perfect place for a wine-strolling evening on this Sardinia Corsica sailing route.

La Maddalena, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

Bonifacio (FR)

Main destination of our cruise. The inlet of Bonifacio in Corsica is one of the most spectacular natural harbours in the Mediterranean. Situated at the head of a deep fjord, our yacht is protected from winds coming from any direction. The old town is tightly built on a defensive promontory overlooking the sea. White chalk cliffs are already visible from a large distance while approaching this port. We stroll through the city and reach the citadel from which we see the north coast of Sardinia! We enjoy shade of the local cafes and delight our taste buds in local restaurants ending our evening in a local bar for a drink or two. Btw., we are in France!

Bonifacio, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

Porto Vecchio (FR)

Very little and picturesque town built on a compact grid of narrow streets. Old fortifications surround the city and within it`s heart we find Placa de la Republique which is fringed with lively cafes, bars and restaurants where one can people-watch a day away. From the top of fortifications we can see the whole city and even further down to the marshes surrounding it. After a dinner in French restaurant we embark on a Sardinia Corsica sailing quest to polish our wine tasting skills! There is even a possibility for a bit of shakin` on a dance floor 🙂

Porto Vecchio, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

Lavezzi Island

Sandy beaches, crystal clear azure water, and stone boulders scattered all over the place make for an outstanding overnight anchorage. This is an evening for star-gazing, singing on the yacht and enjoying a delightful company over a self-cooked hot pot.

Lavezzi, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

Porto Massimo

To contrast other larger ports that we visited earlier, we arrive to this little harbor tucked into a remote bay. Marina holds maximum of 30 vessels, there is a hill on one side (to explore) and seaside on the other. It`s a perfect place for a relaxed evening… who brought  music instruments?

Porto Massimo, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

Some of Other Yacht Life Perks

Sunset Sailing

Everyone and everything becomes quiet and peaceful when the sun goes down while you still sail. Magic.

Fender Flights

You can use one of the lines attached to the top of the mast to swing out of the yacht to dive into the water!

Line Surfing

A long line behind a yacht and a bunch of people holding onto it. Exciting and refreshing!


Remember to bring your ABC snorkeling set. Mediterranean coast if full of marine life!

Lunch Stops

Where do we eat lunches? In places like these bays. Some of them are suitable only for a lunch stop, and some of them are perfect for an overnight stay. If we spontaneously decide that this is a place worth staying longer, why not?! We love spontaneity so let`s spend there the night! There is nothing better than waking up the next morning and starting our day with a dive into refreshing Mediterranean waters!

Last Day Regatta

We always have a regatta on Friday, the last day of our cruise! We put our newly learnt skills into use. Skippers do not help at all! It`s competitive, it`s fun and there are small prizes! Sails up for Sardinia Corsica sailing route!

Join us in Sardinia & Corsica for flotilla sailing holidays!

Always Included: Yacht, Skipper, Learn-to-sail, Insurances. ⛵️ 🌴 🌞

Italy Sailing Holiday

“Sardinia & Corsica” Route

🏊 May – September
📅 7 nights
🌍 Italy, Portisco
🌠 Italian & French mix
💨 Modarate Winds
🌊 Moderate Waves

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Sat. 11th July – Sat. 18th July: 834 758* € pp
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All trips + Cashbox ca. 130 € pp (groceries, port fees, fuel)

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At Naleia we plan as we go according to the weather conditions and all crews` moods. There is a set of places that we can visit, but the order and exact choice is only made each morning after verifying the weather conditions. Leave planning at home! We live for the moment!


Check-ins are always on Saturdays at 16h00. You are naturally most welcome to come earlier and say hello! Your yacht is being cleaned for you at this moment so we need to wait a little. On the last day we arrive to our marina in the afternoon: 15h00-18h00. We need to check-out and leave the yachts before 09h00 on the next day (usually Saturday).


There won`t be more than 3 yachts in Sardinian flotilla. This is our pilot trip, so we will be true discoverers! This allows us to fit into small and uninhabited bays, moor at little restaurants and it makes the group small enough to have cosy and friendly atmosphere that allow spontaneous ideas to come to life! For example: hiking the nearby hill to admire the sunset, going for a local concert or jamming at our yachts!

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