There is a saying that you need 10.000 hours to master a skill. Mozart, a true master in his craft, played the piano and the violin at the age of five. Imagine how many hours he practiced to become the genius we all know. Okay, this comparison is huge, and to get to expert level or “how not to capsize-level” in sailing you need less. Still, I developed many skills while sailing, even some that provide benefits in daily situations.

Below are the skills I gained during my sailing days.

Sailing Boat

Personal Skills


One person alone could navigate a boat, but it is more fun to be on a boat with your fellows. In order to achieve progress and have a cheerful time on a boat, teamwork is essential.

Solution finding and awareness

Since I started sailing my concentration habits improved. When I step on a boat I am deep-focused. Are the sails and ropes in good shape? Is there an emergency paddle?

Leaving your comfort zone

Moving and working on water is a complete different environment. Routines and moves you are used to are totally obsolete on a sailing boat. You will quickly learn where and how to put your feet on a shaky boat.

Sailboat Moored Ropes

Practical Skills


Everyday we tie our shoe-laces. But do you know which tie-knot to use when the shoe-lace rips off? Tying knots  is an essential skill to survive on a boat. A palstek, schotstek or square knot can be very useful for everyday unexpected situations.

Weather and Wind Conditions

Imagine you are on a boat. The water is still and  in the far distance you can see the water rippling. There is no swarm of fish approaching, it’s the wind to give you a push. Reading and sensing your environment lets you predict the next move nature is about to make. One step closer to become a Jedi-Knight!

Small repairs

On a boat you will become a craftsman. A boat is like your home. It is never finished and always needs improvements and adjustments. Screwdrivers, a hammer and wrenches turn into well appreciated fellows.


In general, while sailing, you will learn how to use all your senses, listen to your intuition and  transfer OR INCORPORATE your skills into your daily routines. Eventually; you will discover moves and develop mindsets that will improve your life.

Tell me about the skills you gained in your hobbies and interests?

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