Dear Naleians,

in 2017 we are going to organize only 2-3 weeks of Flotilla Sailing Holidays where anyone can join solo, with small or large groups. This is because we miss the feeling of sailing with a big bunch of open-hearted people and we want to gather more of you again in one place and during one time.

You still will be able to sail with us anytime and anywhere but for that a group of people should accompany you in order to fill the yacht.

In the form below, we would like to collect information when and where would you like to sail. This way we will be able to plan properly and satisfy the wanderlust of most of you… and be able to take a similar photo with you on it!

Flotilla Sailing Holiday with Naleians in 2014
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Thanks for your contribution!

Its not an end, it`s a change. And I hope for better!

Stay awesome,


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