The Yoga Sailing Teacher

Paula The Yogi

It all started in my childhood with a love for martial arts. For the past 15 years I have been exploring taekwondo, aikido, karate, krav maga, capoeira and tai chi. In 2008 I completed my first yoga course with the Art of Living Foundation which inspired me with a desire to join the community of teachers. Since then I have been seeking out my path through various schools of yoga, relaxation, meditation, personal development, and process-oriented psychology.

Paula Kaminska, a Wellbeing Professional leading hatha-yoga, meditation, relaxation, breathing and mindfulness classes designed for professionals aiming to improve their work-life balance, body flexibility, cognition and stress management. Here are Paula`s students’ most popular objectives:

Strength & flexibility Health & fitness Better posture Stress relief Mental & emotional wellbeing Relaxation Meditation Mindfulness


Your Wednesday yoga class is a breath of fresh air in the middle of the week.

Emma Lomax

International Project Manager, Blur Group

Paula’s passion for yoga comes across in all her teaching. She is dedicated to her own learning, development and growth and is creative and clear in her yoga instruction. I highly recommend you attend one of Paula’s yoga classes!

Annie Metcalfe

Health & Social Care Consultant, Coach & Facilitator, Aim 2 Aim

It is mentally light and airy – the class teacher keeps it very open. Whilst the movements can be difficult the whole experience is one of a feeling of strength and openness.

Professional, Exeter Science Park

Paula has a remarkable talent at creating a safe and peaceful environment for attendees to relax in. She has created bespoke lessons to meet the needs of the class, while ensuring that these remain suitable for a mixed ability group. We look forward to many more yoga sessions.

Samantha Chidley

Project Coordinator, Exeter Science Park

Paula is a highly competent yoga teacher, she is patient, friendly and instructs in the calmest manner. Her sessions always leave me feeling relaxed and I would recommend her teachings to anyone, whether experienced at yoga or a beginner.

Sarah Williams

Digital Content Executive, Blur Group

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