Welcome to Split in Croatia!

The `sun kissed flower of the Mediterranean`, as the locals refer to Split, is a crucial intraregional transportation hub for lovers of a yachting adventure besides being an exciting and sought after tourist destination. Many of you who join us on our sailing holidays in Croatia: Out & About route ask for insider tips to explore the Split on their own, just before joining us for a sailing week. That is why we prepared this little guide for you to use! Enjoy!

There are many things to do in Split, which is the Capital of Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia. Split with more than 300 sunshine days in the year is one of the most sunniest cities in Europe. The airport is close, the marina is large and the city is breathtaking. Whoever comes to Split simply falls in love with this place as this city knows exactly how to get on your good side! Fans of Game of Thrones would be excited to know that many scenes of this exciting television drama series were shot on its streets. The Old Town of Split has been preserved nicely to let the visitors know that years of cultural intersection can be experienced here and it has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Riva, the seaside promenade, in Split in Croatia

Best things to do in Split

What are the interesting landmarks and sightseeing attractions in Split?

  • Explore Unesco`s Diocletian’s Palace – This is a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO. This place is one of the most impressive surviving Roman monuments in the world today. It was built in the fourth Century A.D. by a Roman Emperor Diocletian. You can book your tickets online from any guided tour operator’s site such as this Diocletians Palace walking tour. It is better to get there quite early in the morning if you want to avoid crowds or visit it in the night if you would like to have a good time in the restaurants there. This is one of the most important Split points of interest. You will find it thoroughly enjoyable to explore this place and visit the bars, restaurants and ice cream stalls. Shoppers will find a bazaar near the palace walls. Remember to come back in the evenings to a piazza near the Diocletians palace. There is always live music and many people dancing in the piazza while others sip their cold drinks around and admire the dancers. Everyone`s invited!
  • Admire Cathedral of Saint Domnius – This is an octagonal cathedral and it may be regarded as one of the better preserved buildings reminiscent of Ancient Rome. A ticket could be booked from any tour operator’s site and it includes entry to the treasury the crypt and the Temple of Jupiter or the Baptistery. Visit Lonely Planet website to know more about Catheral of St Domnius. It is best to wait till the cruise passenger tours are done with this place if you want to avoid the crowds. The bell tower of this cathedral will give a spectacular view of the city.
  • Hike the Klis Fortress – This is an imposing structure that spans along a huge limestone bluff. It`s museum has an interesting display of costumes and swords and plenty of information about the brutal past of this fortress. You can go during any time of the day as you will not be fighting any crowds here. Visit Expat in Croatia site for more details on Klis Fortress. This fortress has become an important stop in the Game of Thrones city tour!
  • Get lost in the narrow streets of the old town – most of all, get lost in the maze of hundreds of narrow stone-paved streets that make up the maze of Split inner city. That is really a must and it keeps one entertained as there is many local artist shops, family run restaurants, ice-cream makers, Cafes and cool shade, so nice in the high summer in Croatia.
  • Get saltiest sardines ever from the Seafood market – almost in the heart of the old town is the local fish market. You can get there not only most fresh fish (local restaurants get their fish from here too, but around 05h00 in the morning), sardines in salt (our favorite), olive oil, local herbs, spices and more. Remember to be there early, around 13h00 almost all is sold out!

Other sightseeing attractions in Split worth mentioning are the Archaeological Museum at Zrinsko-Frankopanska 25, the Gallery of Fine Arts at Kralja Tomislava 15 and the ruins of the ancient city of Salona. If you are keen on more tips to explore ancient times, arts and ruins around Split drop us a line.

People dancing on plazza near Diocletians Palace

Walking tours offered in Split

The walking tour of interest in Split covers the Marjan Forest Park. It is an interesting Walking Tour. This park is regarded as the lungs of this city. It is a mountainous nature reserve that has trails through many pine forests, caves and medieval chapels. It is an ideal walking tour to take the afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can descend on to the famous Kasjuni Beach from here and cool off in the evening. This is one of the most exciting things to do in Split. Your spot can be booked online at sites like www.tripadvisor.com or at your hotel desk.

Narrow winding street in Split

Where to eat in Split

  1. Great Value Category – Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar: You can expect great wine list along with great food, All in all, it is good value for money!
  2. Authentic Experience Category – Konoba Lucac: This is regarded as the top place for an authentic food experience in Split. It is a family owned place that serves you some of the greatest home cooking that you can come across here. The bread is baked fresh every day here and you will have a taste of Dalmatian fresh tuna and meat balls. You can also try Croatian Stew and order some of the best beef cheeks that you would taste anywhere.
  3. Best Quality Category – Restaurant Brasserie on 7: In terms of quality, people love the food here along with the decorations and its ambience.

What to eat in Split

There is no doubt that food in Split is awesome! Conventional Croatian cuisine is varied and exotic. Here are three typical examples –

  1. Crni Rizot – You will find this dish in almost every seafood restaurant in Split. It is a Black Risotto made out of squids. The squid ink makes the rice turn black. There is other seafood involved such as clams, mussels and shellfish.
  2. Strukli – This is a scrumptious pastry that is packed with sour cream and delicious cottage cheese. People like to eat this either after baking it an oven or after boiling it in water. The modern interpretation of this famous dish includes serving with truffles or variations with blueberries and cheese.
  3. Brudet – This is another Classic cuisine example from Coastal Croatia. Brudet is a fish stew that is served with spices, onions and tomato sauce. People may add chili pepper or Laurel to spice up their taste.
  4. Seafood – in general any sort of seafood is highly advised to try. It cannot be fresher as it comes from a sea which is just behind the corner. You can still see local fishermen going out in their little wooden boats to get the daily catch for their restaurants. Our favorite is Dorada. It has large population and is not yet overfished so you can eat with an eased consciousness!
Two plates of Croatian seafood

Half day and Day trips, and things to do in Split

  1. Mostar and Medjugorje Tour – You will tour the famous Old Bridge over Neretva River and the trip includes a pilgrimage to the site that is known for apparitions of Virgin Mary. You can also swim when you go to Kravice. Price of the excursion entry includes pick up and drop in air-conditioned comfort and transport along with a licensed guide.
  2. Half Day Excursion to Trogir – This is a place for people who are seeking nice and scenic locations to relax and visit the outdoor cafes. You will have a nice time wandering around its ethnic streets. The town centre is as well as the one in Split listed on the UNESECO world heritage site list. Strolling through the narrow winding streets is like a travel back in time!

What parks to explore in Split?

  1. Strossmayer’s Park – This Park is on the eastern side of Split’s Old Town. This is a pleasant park of interest that has plenty of shady trees, fountains and statues. Comfortable benches have been placed all over the park for people to relax.
  2. Emanuel Vidovic Park – This is a small park, located in the Lovret region of Split. It is beautifully decorated. The park is named after a renowned painter resident of Split. His works can be seen in the Emanuel Vidovic Gallery which is close to the silver gate of Diocletian’s Palace. This park is a favourite among families and visitors who find it a great place to unwind and relax.

Where can you get the best sunset view in Split?

You will grab a bird’s eye view of the place’s metropolitan region, the surrounding islands and the Adriatic Sea from the medieval Klis Fortress that is constructed in a rocky ridge, giving visitors an incredible view. In fact, people think that this spot gives one killer of a sunset view.

Riva at sunset

Did you know that about Split?

How did the capital of Dalmatia get its name?

It originated from a tiny shrub that is common all over the region. It is a shrub that is known as `Calicotome Spinosa’. The Greek colony of Aspalathos was named after this shrub and when the Greeks settled here, they called it Spalathos and it finally became Split as renamed by the Croatians.

Come visit Split and experience the blend of ancient and modern European cultures. This place is always abuzz with excitement for tourists, giving them a taste of modernity as well as tradition! It is a city where we start our sailing holidays from. Our bestselling route: Sailing Holidays in Croatia: Out & About route is waiting for you to join!

ACI Marina Split

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