The Lofoten islands offer a mixture of ancient culture, breathtaking landscapes, and colourful settlements. We are going to visit many destinations in the Lofoten along our sailing route. However, if you  would like to expand your visiting programme, here are some of the activities in the Norway’s wonderland of Lofoten.

Cycling Trips

Hair in the wind, feet on the pedals and off you go, hitting the road on a two-wheeler. The Lofoten islands are probably best explored by bicycle, with many scenic trails. An easy place to get your cycling started is Svolvær, the finishing point of our sailing trips. You can gain energy for your trip by sampling some of the locally dried cod. From Svolvær it’s just a short bike ride to the Kabelvåg, the oldest settlement in northern Norway which dates back to the year 800. To many road trip lovers the village Å (yes, it is a one letter village name!) is the holy grail of Norwegian natural beauty. Although 130 kilometres away from Svolvær, it’s worth considering to spend a few days on the bicycle to experience at least a part of the picturesque route. Snow-capped summits, dramatic fjords, and the silence of nature are your best buddies during the road trip on two wheels.

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Beach hopping

Whenever someone mentioned a perfect beach, did you always think of waving palm trees and a tropical breeze? The Lofoten region might change your opinion drastically when it comes to superb strips of sand. The most outstanding of all might be Kvalvika Beach, located close to the tiny village of Fredvang. You will have to walk to reach the viewpoint, where you will be rewarded with the sight of black sand, towering cliffs and crystal clear ocean water. Haukland Beach – near the municipality of Leknes – is equally stunning and easy to reach by car and bicycle. Just of the main road, you will find this sugary white beach and turquoise blue water, surrounded by the mossy, pointy peaks of the Lofoten. In case you are in doubt if you should go here; Haukland Beach has been awarded for being the best beach in Norway. Skagsanden Beach should make it to your list as well because it offers magical reflections of the rock formations and mountains in its calm waters at low tide. Naturally prepare for a chilly dip if going for a swim there 😉

Lofotr Viking Museum

Besides rugged peaks and epic cycling trails, the Lofoten archipelago offers some great cultural experiences. The Lofotr Viking Museum is an excellent example of well-preserved Norwegian heritage. This large museum sits in a reconstructed Viking house that measures 83 meters, and it is located right next to the place where an original Viking house stood. The interactive element of the museum puts a spell on visitors of all ages. Shoot with bow and arrow, row a Viking boat and see how the blacksmiths used to resemble ancient weaponry. The house hosts a cinema, where an entertaining film about the life of the Viking chieftain and the former community is shown. Your Norwegian Viking experience isn’t complete without a tour through the onsite replica Viking ships, where you can genuinely inhale the brave spirit of the seafarers.

Entrance fee until June 14: 170 NOK for adults
Entrance fee from June 15: 200 NOK for adults
Opening hours: Every day from 10:00 to 19:00

There is plenty of activities in the Lofoten and these few examples definitely do not exhaust the list. As usual these activities are best enjoyed together so make sure to ask your crew if they want to join. Our skippers will send a welcome email to everyone before the sailing trip in Norway starts. 

See you on the yacht!


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