The summer sailing season in Europe is upon us. Its also time to start planning winter paradise sailing trip. Thailand is already planned for February, but there are a few other months when it is cold in Europe. Let`s go somewhere where we can sail on warm seas, explore islands, eat well and meet with Naleians!

To decide on the details, I would like to ask you about your most courageous sailing holidays dreams! If you have one specific destination in mind, that`s great! If not, the form will help you to build it up!

I would like to plan this trip together with you. Final decision on location, dates and a few other details will be made by taking your opinion into account. Therefore, if you want to co-design this sailing trip, leave me your email at the end of the form.

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Thanks for contributing! Below is a picture of one of the paradise destinations that I dream about 🙂

Paradise Sailing
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