The Yoga Sailing

The Yoga Sailing Retreat

We wanted to organize Yoga Sailing Holidays for a long time, now is the time! We connect both worlds that we love: Yoga and Sailing. We will enjoy two Yoga sessions per day and sail in between them. Both activities are led by teachers! Yoga instructors teach you Yoga, while skippers take care of sailing and share their knowledge if you wish to learn.

We visit beautiful and remote part of Croatia so that we can get properly `away` from rush of the civilization. We practice our beloved Yoga to get properly inwards. We share the yacht with other open-hearted people, cook on-board or visit cozy local restaurants to be amazed by traditional cuisine. Croatian environment provides yet unspoiled nature to be the background of our adventure. Feel invited!

Yoga Sessions

It`s summer, so we leave studios to practice yoga in beautiful landscapes of Croatian coast. Beaches, wooden piers, quays, or meadows is where we roll out our mats during Yoga Sailing Holidays! Each 15-20 people group is led by one professional Yoga teacher. We make one invigorating yoga class (~2h) in the early morning, just before breakfast, and one restorative yoga class (~1.5h) in the late afternoon.

When you book this trip we ask you questions to understand your needs and tailor the yoga classes to your individual requirements. Also you are able to rent a Mexican yoga mat that we are going to bring for you to the sailing trip so that you can travel just with your hand luggage.


Where will we practice yoga?

Sandy Beaches

The Yoga Sailing Beach

There is just a few of these in Croatia, but we know them all!

Our Yachts

The Yoga Sailing Jetties

There is quite some space on the deck and what is an added value water is all around, splashing gently about the hull and calming the senses. Yachts enable Yoga Sailing Holidays to happen.

Wooden Jetties

The Yoga Sailing Pier

These wooden constructions are nearby mooring spots for our yachts.

Lawns and Meadows

The Yoga Sailing Lawns and Meadows

Enjoy the feeling of bare feet on the ground!

Wooden Piers

The Yoga Sailing Jetties

Enjoy the smell of the wood, sound of waves and a cooling sea breeze.

Remote Nature

The Yoga Sailing Remote Nature

Let us show you a few of these hidden gems.

Yoga Sailing Holidays in Numbers

Hours of Yoga classes per day

Maximum of students per Yoga Teacher

Yoga sessions per day

Our Stops on The Yoga Sailing Route:

Sukosan near Zadar – Marina

The starting point of Yoga Sailing Holidays is our marina which lies 11km from Zadar International Airport. You will arrive in a blink of an eye. Around marina we find typical Croatian Konoba`s serving local specialties, supermarket to supply our yacht with food for the week and a few cafes and bars. It is a small sleepy town and that`s exactly what we are looking for! In the evening we meet for a welcome drink and afterwards dine together to get to know each other!

Portisco Marina, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica


Preko is a tiny city with a local community who wants to get away from the hustle of western life. There are a couple of bars, restaurants and two small grocery stores. It is perfect for nature lovers as there are plenty of beaches for a swim, an islet to explore, and a high peak to hike (200m). On the top of this peak, well preserved ruins of the castle await with a 360 view of the region which we are sailing on. Simply breathtaking!

La Maddalena, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica


Sakarun beach is said to be one of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches. Certainly, soft sands, azure water and surrounding pine forests make it a perfect yoga practice location. Added values are the grill bar at the waterfront and the fact that no settlement is close.

Bonifacio, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

Veli Iz

Veli Iž is not very large city located on the Iž island. The city was a former renowned center of pottery industry. The craft is continued by only one family and the old products can be seen in the small local museum. We find a couple of restaurants here. The inlet is densely forested, with some small hills overlooking the town, therefore the walk encircling Veli Iz is incredibly pleasant for the body and the spirit both.

Porto Vecchio, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

Telascica National Park

Surrounded by pine trees, we enter the magical Telascica park. There is plenty of buoys to moor to and some beautiful cliffs to explore. There is one or two remotely located restaurants where we can enjoy a delightful meal after our yoga session in the evening. This could be a signature place of Yoga Sailing Holidays!

Lavezzi, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica


Island Žut is a very remote islands with a few restaurants squeezed into the bays and one marina. There are no settlements. No civilization, no roads, no clocks but plenty of time for our Yoga sessions. We might even find a suitable spot for doing a sunset and sunrise Yoga session! These a bit barren lands are a wonderful contrast to Telascica and I always feel like in an environment out of this world.

Lavezzi, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica


One of the few sandy beaches of Croatia. A truly film-like location with its reddish sand, the cliffs, the tiny islet and a few yachts anchored nearby. The ideal place for a stop, snorkelling and Yoga session on sandy, orange beach.

Porto Massimo, Sailing Sardinia & Corsica

Lunch Stops

Where do we eat lunches during Yoga Sailing Holidays? In a places like these bays. Some of them are suitable only for a lunch stop, and some of them are perfect for an overnight stay. If we spontaneously decide that this is a place worth staying longer, why not?! We love spontaneity so, let`s spend there the night! There is nothing better than waking up the next morning and starting our day with a dive!

Sailing in numbers

People per yacht

Sailing hours per day

Yachts in a flotilla


Included: Yacht, Skipper, Yoga Teacher, Insurances. ⛵️  

The Yoga Sailing Route

Croatia | North Dalmatia | 7 nights
Start: Marina Dalmacija in Sukosan, Croatia

Check-in | Price per person | Avg. Temp *C

2019 May – 18th | 850€ 790€ | Air 23*C
2019 Aug – 24th | 950€ 890€ | Air 26*C

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Most Frequent Questions About Yoga Sailing Holidays

Do I need to know anything about Yoga to join?

Certainly not! You just need to want to learn. And if you will not feel like joining our sessions – its up to you! It should be a time for you and going inwards, so if you need some time alone – take it! Anyway, our Yogi will lead each class and tailor the content of the classes to satisfy all personal needs. We will collect the information about your Yoga classes requirements when you sign up.

Do I need to know anything about Sailing to join?

Certainly not! We have a pro skipper on board of each yacht, who can sail the yacht single handed if need be. However, there is a sailing course included if you wish to learn the ropes so we advise to use it and learn a new skill! Naturally, if you prefer to chill on the deck and observe the beautiful landscapes passing by, just do it!


The overview of the route is presented in the map below. At Naleia we plan as we go according to the weather conditions and all crews` moods. There is a set of places that we can visit, but the order and exact choice is only made each morning after verifying the weather conditions. Leave planning at home! We live for the moment!


Check-ins are always on Saturdays at 16h00. You are naturally most welcome to come earlier and say hello! Your yacht is being cleaned for you at this moment so we need to wait a little. On the last day we arrive to our marina in the afternoon: 15h00-18h00. We need to check-out and leave the yachts before 09h00 on the next day (usually Saturday).


There won`t be more than 3 yachts in The Yoga Sailing flotilla. This allows us to fit into small and uninhabited bays, moor at little restaurants and it makes the group small enough to have cosy and friendly atmosphere that allow spontaneous ideas to come to life! For example: hiking the nearby hill to admire the sunset, going for a local concert or jamming at our yachts!